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Sharing the Love

13 February 2007

By Tuesday, we were a mess. Phone calls were not cutting it and neither was the prospect of having to be apart for almost a full week, knowing what we knew and not being able to look in to one another’s eyes or to share our news with anyone else. Because we both refused to do it without the other.

Since I was out in Kansas until Sunday, Tim decided to shift his schedule around, book a last minute flight, and come be with me. Of course, the added benefit is that he got to be there with my family for my uncle’s funeral and spend time with a lot of my loved ones that not even I get to see on a regular basis.

The minutes dragged by until he got there but it was worth the wait. Just seeing the look on his face when he saw me meant as much to me as the fact that he would turn his world upside down to be there.

We spent the next couple of days exchanging secret glances, looking up information on the Internet when no one was paying attention, and deciding when we were going to start telling our family. It was really hard — it seemed like everywhere we turned, there were babies! Pregnant cousins, newborns, t.v. specials, commercials, magazines… it was crazy. We strategized, talked about what we would do in the event of various reactions, and decided to take the plunge.

Thursday was the big night for my clan. We were going out to dinner with my brother and his wife, my parents and my sister. It was for my sister-in-law’s birthday but we decided that it was still the best time. Back at the house, after some cake and conversation, we couldn’t wait any longer. I think it went something like:

Me (to parents): So… guess what? You guys are going to be grandparents.

Tim: <silence/possible fear of being strangled by my 6’4″, 280-pound father>

Mom: Wha… huh? Are you serious? *shock/smile spreading across her face*

Sister: *buried her face in a blanket and then looked up incredulously* Okay, I’ll move to Virginia now.

I love my family for being so loving and supportive of us. I know the timing of this is a little hard on them, since we aren’t married, but they haven’t let that get in the way of the joy of the occasion.

Everyone seems to be as excited as we are… we got to tell my grandmother in person on Friday when we went to visit with her. It was the one thing that got her more excited than the chocolate-covered cherries we brought her. Saturday, we took Tim to the airport at Kansas City and paid a surprise visit to my cousins, one of whom is almost 9 months pregnant with her first baby and another who has a four-month old newborn. It was quite the environment to make that announcement in! But it was great to have my aunt and uncle there and my dad’s parents there as well instead of having to tell them over the phone or through the grapevine.

Sunday night was a later return for me than expected, but we went ahead and told Tim’s parents over a late dinner. At first, by grandchildren, they thought we meant Tyson was getting another four-legged sibling… and then reality sunk in and the excitement took over. We got a similar reaction out of Tim’s brother the next night… he immediately called his fiancee and we all celebrated the news “together.”

I think the most important thing to everyone we’ve told is knowing that we’re okay with it. And that means more to us than you can imagine. Between a probable marriage, the birth of our first child, and a deployment to the Middle East, we are going to need all the support we can get… and we can only hope that every day we are able to repay the love that you all share with us. We couldn’t do this without you.

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