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1st Trip to the Doctor

15 February 2007

Yesterday was our first trip to the doctor’s office. Had a pelvic exam, did some blood tests, scheduled our first ultrasound and went on our merry way. It was sort of anti-climatic. I don’t know what I was expecting. Must have been the build up to that only to have to wait until today to find out the results. It’s funny that even though I am obviously pregnant and have taken two positive home tests and the pelvic exam was positive, I still waited for that phone call like it was going to be the first time I heard it.

After waiting (impatiently) all afternoon, I finally broke down and called the doctor’s office a little after 4 p.m. They close at 4:30 and I knew if we had to wait another day to hear from them, we’d probably both go nuts. The nurse congratulated me on definitely being pregnant and said that the hormone and nutrient levels for everything looked great… except my progesterone.

Not a big deal, just requires taking a progesterone supplement, which is pretty commonly prescribed, especially to women who had trouble conceiving or a history of hormonal problems (save the jokes, I’m not talking about mood swings, guys). Apparently the only drawback is that it exacerbates whatever pregnancy symptoms you are currently feeling and makes you feel REALLY pregnant.

Good news is, we are on for our first ultrasound next Friday morning! Yay for first baby pics!

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