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Upside to Getting Bigger: Shopping!

24 February 2007

All week, Tim & I planned on making Saturday our first venture to the world of Baby’s R Us & maternity clothes shopping.  Primarily, I needed new work pants because out of an entire drawer full, I have approximately ONE pair that fits me without cutting off circulation to my lower extremities when I sit down for longer than five minutes.  I guess it’s because, thanks to the “in” style, most of my pants hit me below the belly button, right where I’m getting my bump.

At BRU, we found some really cool things — and then about five million things that we can do without.  Seriously, video monitors and wipe warmers are a bit much.  And yet there were gaggles of waddling women with scan guns gleefully blipping away.  Maybe I’m just not “into it” yet but outside of the awesome “travel system” strollers, a diaper bag, and a sling/carrier, there just wasn’t much that impressed.  Of course, I’m also one of those girls who hates window shopping — when I go out, it’s to buy something!

So, on to shopping with a purpose: pants.  I found the most amazingly comfortable and relatively decent-looking black pants at Old Navy for $26.50 (and they’re 25% off this week!).  They have a roll-down waist band so right now it’s just right and as I get bigger, I can wear it under or over my belly.  With a jacket over the top for work, they look perfectly normal.  There were some really cute summery skirts and tops that Tim wanted to buy me as well but I want to wait until I have a better idea of how big I’m going to be and what’s going to be comfortable.

I also have the ambition of breaking out my sewing machine and making a few outfits, once I stop spending every spare moment sleeping, thinking about sleeping, or falling asleep.

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