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9 Weeks

26 February 2007

After the confusion last week with the due date, which is now October 5th, and letting it all sink in, we’re going to pretend like the new due date is it until further notice/ultrasounds.  So, this is what’s going on this week:

Your baby is about one inch from crown to rump – or roughly the size of a strawberry. Weighing in at one gram, your baby is very active, although you can’t feel its movements yet. He or she now has all the major organs, muscles, and nerves; and a Doppler may be able to identify the heartbeat. While his or her testes or ovaries are formed, the external genitalia still appear sexless, which is why it is too early for an ultrasound to reveal its gender. Eyelids are beginning to form and the trunk is straightening and elongating, cartilage and bones are forming, the basic structures of the eyes are in place, and the tongue is beginning to develop. The fingers and thumb are visible, albeit short and webbed.

Wow. Blueberry has almost doubled in size in one week.  I found that picture of the blueberries with a strawberry on it and thought it was perfect for this week’s header.  Can you believe how much of a size difference that is?  I guess that’s pretty easy to do when you’re so little, but still pretty darn impressive.

My nausea and morning/afternoon/evening sickness has actually been getting worse, so I guess it makes sense that I wasn’t as far along as we thought.  I definitely do better when I get a nap at some point during the day and I think today I might try catching a few winks in the parking garage during lunch.  I’m also not as hungry the past couple of days as I have been — mostly because nothing sounds good.  On a positive note, my sinuses (one of those things that doctors seem to neglect to tell you about) haven’t been as swollen and irritated so I can actually breathe through my nose when I sleep.

I feel like I’m starting to show even though it’s probably not noticeable to anyone else yet.  Apparently my uterus is now the size of a small cantaloupe.  My abdominal muscles were pretty tight and I didn’t have a lot of belly fat (mine all resides in the hips, thanks to those wonderful Johnson genes) so I think I notice every little centimeter of belly growth.  I’m ready to start showing and stop being sick!

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  1. 26 February 2007 19:24

    Wow, I love you! You made me and your daddy cry! I can’t believe my little girl is going to have a baby… it is the most exciting time in your life. Savor every moment. It seems like yesterday, as I was reading your comments, that we were feeling the same anxious feelings and questioning whether we would have what it takes to be good parents. I’m sure there have been times since then as you have grown that you have questioned our ability (or rationale) at the parenting thing, but one thing is for certain, we loved you from the first news and love you still.
    We are excited for you and Tim as you navigate through this adventure. I know that there will be some rough spots in your journey, but determine to be intentional about building a home built on love, laughter, hope, and the awesomeness of a God that could create such an amazing little being. Know that He loves you three more than any earthly family could and that He longs for you to trust Him with all that lies ahead.
    Gotta go for now…Love you all!

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