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Moving Up in the World (Literally)

9 March 2007

While doing some research online (read: surfing the ‘Net while bored out of my gourd at work), I discovered an interesting tidbit of info.  My uterus is no longer considered a pelvic organ.  It is now an abdominal organ because it has grown and moved to a point that it can be felt in an abdominal exam.  So, logically that means I shouldn’t have to have any more pelvic exams.  Right?

It is also now the size of a very large canteloupe.  A very large canteloupe whose main hobby is tap-dancing on my bladder at inopportune times.

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  1. marge permalink
    15 March 2007 07:24

    Hey, your first comment: I’d better make it good!
    Fascinating to read the how-developed-is-it-now commentary. (brings back memories.) Fun to read about the reaction at work! M.
    P.S. Is the camera on? iow: does everyone read this comment too? In that case, didja hear the one about……

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