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12 Weeks

12 March 2007

Woohoo! The end of the first trimester is finally in sight. By next week, I will officially be in trimester numero dos. Of course, that means I will also have six months (or less) to get everything done that has to be done to prepare for the arrival of our blueberry. Oh boy.

Your baby weighs about 14 grams and is about 2-1/2 inches in length. His or her reflexes are functioning, and the digestive tract is active and secreting bile – all to prepare your baby for life outside of your body. Stem cells, the “mother cells” that will become heart, brain, liver, bone, blood, nerve, and immune cells, continue to differentiate to form your baby’s major organs. Although your baby’s brain continues to grow, the components now have the same structure they will have at birth. He or she has the ability to swallow and absorb and discharge fluids. Hands, now complete, are growing fingernails. Even tooth buds are appearing. Your baby’s face now has a distinctly human appearance. The amniotic sac contains about 50 cubic centimeters of fluid (one and one half ounces). This week, your placenta takes over the important task of hormone production.

I put up the sonogram pics with the answer list by my office door last Friday right before I left work, so by the time I came in this morning, people were buzzing. In our morning staff meeting, my boss had me make the official announcement, followed by the engagement announcement. Everyone is very excited and happy for us. There is a surprisingly low quotient of stupid questions… to which I credit my brilliant F.A.Q. answers list.

I am feeling much less nauseated than I have in previous weeks, but it still hasn’t gone away completely. Maybe part of feeling better is thanks to the miraculous “Blueberry’sBlueberry’s Grandpa’s Morning Sickness Kit Grandpa’s Morning Sickness Kit” that Papa Olson brought by last week… lots of ginger-related things (which are supposed to help with nausea) and the best morning sickness standby — saltines.

I read somewhere that it can be a good sign to have so much “morning” sickness because it means that the body is producing lots of hormones, which indicates a strong, healthy pregnancy. My biggest thing now is food aversions. Things I used to love, now turn my stomach at the idea of eating them. Sometimes, nothing sounds good at all. Something I can always manage to get down is hot tea and bananas… and refrigerator oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough. 🙂

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  1. Sarah permalink
    13 March 2007 15:18

    i like the picture of the saltines. my mom has a tendency to provide life advice at completely inopportune times– such as when she told me that when you’re pregnant you should keep saltines by your bed so you can eat them first thing in the morning to stave off morning sickness–good advice mom, too bad i was 16!

  2. Grandpa Olson permalink
    17 March 2007 10:49

    My next morning sickness kit will feature bananas. You’ll just have to keep Tim from eating them first!

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