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Blueberry Makes an Appearance…

14 March 2007

This afternoon, I had a sonogram to check on my cervix. Since I have had multiple procedures done due to cervical dysplasia, my doctor wanted to check and make sure that everything was okay. If it didn’t look normal, I would have had to get a cerclage, which essentially holds the cervix shut until the baby reaches full term. BUT that’s not the case with me — according to the radiologist everything looks perfect!

On top of that great news, I had a wonderful technician who showed me lots of neat thingsBlueberry - 14 March with Blueberry. I got to see her heartbeat again, but this time we measured it — it was going fast & strong at 172 beats per minute. We got a much better picture of her this time. She was laying on her back, and I could see her little arms!

If you look at the sonogram picture, her head is on the right and her body is on the left. Since she is on her back, you can see her forehead and little nose bump. The white spot near the arrow pointing to her is her right hand. Isn’t she cute?!?

I also got to see her little legs, her arms, and in a view from the crown of her head, I could see the lobes of her brain (that was weird but cool). She was staying pretty still — the technician said she was taking a nap. Then, at one point (after we went and looked at my ovaries for a bit), we came back and she looked like she was sucking her thumb!

She still hadn’t moved much, though, so the technician pushed and jiggled the sonogram reader on my stomach a little bit. Nothing was working. The tech said she’d try one more time and I thought, “Come on Blueberry, move for me.” Sure enough — she did. The next little push made her throw up her arms, kick out her little legs and flip around on her other side. It was so amazing and definitely made up for the less-than-stellar previous sonogram. I wish we had known it was going to be so detailed — the only thing that would have made it better is having Tim by my side.

Of course, Tim-Daddy (that’s what my mom calls him) was thrilled to Blueberry (or an alien child) All Dressed Upsee his little Blueberry and hear the stories. He couldn’t quite picture her for some reason, and after we scanned the sonogram, he took to adding some details of his own. It’s her first “designer” outfit. I told him that this isn’t the way she was laying but he’s pretty proud of his little creation of silliness so I have to share it.

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  1. .Bittersweet. permalink
    15 March 2007 11:08

    Awwwwwwwwwww! YAYAYAYAY! =)

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