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Updates, Changes & Retirement

23 March 2007

We had our latest doctor’s appointment this morning for the standard 12-week checkup and to get the official analysis of my ultrasound.  What they didn’t know at the doctor’s office was that this was to be my last appointment with them.  Through research and word-of-mouth, I found out that this practice, like most OB offices, frowns upon home births and doesn’t participate in the care for them.  Although I feel strongly about not giving birth at the hospital, it has been a little bit of a struggle to come to grips with losing my doctor.  I have been seeing him for almost seven years now and I always thought he would be the one to be at my baby’s birth one day.

Instead of getting undressed for the always dreaded poking and prodding (I’m sorry, but I don’t care HOW much you love your doctor, it’s never fun to have someone with rubber gloves and a spotlight poking around down there), I asked the nurse if I could talk to the doctor first.  I explained to her that we were doing a home birth, and she seemed a little surprised but she was really sweet and even gave me a hug and wished us the best before she left the room.  When the doctor came in, I filled him in and, while he was obviously disappointed, he was patient and accomodating.  We didn’t do a regular exam, but he went over all of my history, made sure we were doing well and that there weren’t any major problems, talking to us about pre-natal screenings/testing (which they don’t recommend and we don’t plan on doing), reviewed my ultrasounds and finalized my due date (more on that later).  He also ordered a final round of blood tests so he could check my nutritional levels AND he told me I could stop taking the progesterone supplements.  I felt like he was doing his best to make sure we left his hands as informed and prepared as he could make us, and that was really touching.

We also got a treat… before he finished with us, we got to listen for Blueberry’s heartbeat! He found her really easily, and her little heart was pumping away.  He said it sounded great, nice and strong.  We listened for almost a minute to the “swoosh-swoosh” sound.  I think it’s stuck in my brain now.  The whole way home, I kept repeating the noise out loud, which Tim thought was funny.  It made me so happy to hear that and to have him with me.  And to know that we have a strong little baby growing in there.

On the due date topic, my doctor compared all the ultrasound measurements and, based on my history of erratic cycles, determined that my official due date is October 1st.  I’m happy with that — it’s not too far off from where I “feel” like I am, and it takes in to account the smaller measurements of the ultrasounds from where my LMP (last menstrual period) due date falls.  So, my weeks now start on Wednesday instead of Monday and next week will be Week 13 “again”.

This weekend will mark the “retirement” of my favorite jeans.  I can no longer fool myself in to thinking that they will stretch out just a little bit more.  Every casual Friday at work that I continue to wear them puts my co-workers at greater risk for injury in the event that the button finally pops off and ricochets off the walls.  This weekend’s activity list will now grow to include finding a comfy, cute pair of maternity jeans, the likes of which have eluded me to this point.

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  1. Iris permalink
    23 March 2007 20:48

    Wow. What a gift to be able to share a bit of what you are going through. Missed you tonight, but, as promisd, I had two for you. Take care.

  2. 23 March 2007 22:07

    Congrats on your baby. I’m a doula in Winchester and I found your blog because I’m looking up how to get Aetna to pay for our homebirth in November.

    I know what you mean about the docs that won’t participate in your care. I’m giving up my doc of 8 years and four previous pregnancies because she won’t have anything to do with me if she gets wind that I’m planning a homebirth. I went and signed my medical release forms today and meet with the midwife next week. I know these are decisions we won’t regret making.

    Congrats on your engagement!

  3. Cari permalink
    26 March 2007 15:51

    Hey Lori, Shad sent me the link to you blog and I have been following in the shadows! I am so happy for you & Tim & CONGRATS on your engagement!
    I saw that you use BabyCenter and American Baby, I am on both of those as well, and have been since I found out I was pregnant w/ Hannah.
    I hope to “bump” into you one day on one of the sites. And hope to meet you Thanksgiving, as Shad & I are planning on coming up for a visit w/ the kids….you would have the baby by then! 🙂 GREAT timing!!
    Anxious to get to know you & see your new bundle!
    Let us know if you need anything…

    Cari & Shad

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