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6 April 2007

Warning: Do not continue to read this entry if you are easily grossed out, offended, or don’t care to know details about my very personal health care concerns. 

One of the wonderful things that your traditional doctors don’t inform you about from the second they tell you you’re definitely pregnant (which they should be required by law to do) is that, when pregnant, even women who almost NEVER get yeast infections are almost guaranteed to at least have a flare-up.

I had been having a very mild one that I hoped would just go away.  I am one of the lucky who never get them normally.  I think the last time I had one was sometime in 2002, and after a call to the doctor and a prescription, I was fine.  So, I wasn’t expecting this one to escalate in to the most horrendous yeast infection of the century.  Of course, it didn’t get bad until AFTER I stopped seeing my doctor… but I’m almost glad of that timing because he probably would have just given me some drugs, which even if proven safe in pregnancy, would have made me nervous to use.

Last Monday, I started taking a mega-dose of acidophilus.  I can’t stomach yogurt right now and this is supposed to help make the body more acidic to inhibit the growth of yeast.  Well, we were obviously beyond the inhibition stage of things because a week of taking that just made things worse.  By this Tuesday, I was feeling awful and… well, even a disclaimer at the beginning of this entry isn’t enough to prepare you for the gory details of what was going on.  Let’s just say two words: Green. Chunks.  No, I am not kidding.

I e-mailed my midwife (another advantage to great midwives — how often have you e-mailed your doctor and gotten a response within 20 minutes?) to ask for her advice even though I haven’t officially started seeing her yet, because I was feeling very averse to seeing a doctor and pumping my body with drugs.

She e-mailed me back with a great deal of information on holistic options, but one of her first suggestions was one that I had seen other women on some natural health site swear by… garlic cloves.  Cut in half and inserted… yup.  And to help with the outer irritation?  Plain yogurt, applied liberally as needed.  There were some other herbal remedies she listed and she also recommended using probiotics for the rest of my pregnancy.  After reading things over, I armed myself with a list and Tim took me to Whole Foods.

We left with a box of good probiotics, a head of organic garlic and some all-natural yogurt.  I was skeptical about this venture to say the least… and the first application of my treatment did not help matters.  I felt like I was making tzatziki sauce in my underwear.  It was just plain weird.

Two nights of overnight garlic clove treatment combined with yogurt skin therapy later, and I am a believer.  The results were noticeable after just one night, and by Thursday morning, I was flabbergasted.  I couldn’t stop saying to Tim how amazed I was that it worked so well.  He’s so funny… he just looked at me and said, “What do you think women did before Monistat-7?” And it’s true… and it’s just another point to how over-commercialized and pharmaceuticalized (I made that word up) medical care has become in this day and age.

I seriously, honestly recommend trying this (pregnant or not) if you have problems of this nature, ladies.  If it’s a regular level infection, I guarantee you will be back to normal in one day… and you can use the money you would have spent on time off of work to go to the doctor’s office, a co-pay, and a prescription to buy yourself some new shoes.  Isn’t THAT worth a try?

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  1. Sarah permalink
    6 April 2007 18:07

    1) supercute blueberry baby in your banner. where do you find the time to pick out just the right picture?

    2) i’ve heard that yogurt thing works before. supposedly eating it will help fend off yeast infections as well. “I felt like I was making tzatziki sauce in my underwear.” totally made me laugh out loud!

  2. 7 April 2007 15:02

    1) Google Image Search is my friend. 🙂 This week, I actually found a picture from my blog on the 2nd page of a search I did!

    2) Yes, as wonderful of a cure as it is I don’t think I will ever feel quite normal while my crotch smells like a pizza. Luckily, the smell goes away as soon as you take the garlic out. Oh, another weird thing: when you put the garlic in, you can taste it in your mouth the whole time. LOL!

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