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I Couldn’t Help It…

9 April 2007

I am my mother’s daughter, after all — although not quite as much, perhaps, as my sister, who is anxiously awaiting the official announcement of the baby’s sex so she can start putting together its winter wardrobe from the current sales. Don’t get me wrong; I will not be a “baby-wipes warmer” kind of mom, and I am eagerly anticipating the full-swing arrival of yard sale season. I have been REALLY good thus far. Although I may have still been in denial at the time, I had to drag Tim out of Baby’s R’Us empty-handed when we first went there. But, let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before I started buying baby stuff.

My first purchase was a result of a combination of web-browsing, review reading and loving a sale. Tim & I have both been very in to the plethora of baby carriers that are now the “in” thing to use. Of course, we were planning on doing that way before the yuppies caught on, but I digress… I found one of the top-reviewed baby slings, called HotSlings, and I begrudingly admit that they are the cutest, most stylish ones (and accordingly, some of the most pricey) I have seen out there. They’re also sized to fit the user’s shoulders, chest and waist, unlike the “one size fits all” that some sling-styles are. I’m all about the DIY (do-it-yourself) thing but some slings look like scraps from the bargain bin at Joann’s fabrics. I’m a mom(to-be), not a fashion black hole. So, when I found a little fleece one on sale, I thought it would be perfect for winter (my sister is brilliant). I got one in cyan. I just noticed that they aren’t even available on the site anymore since they have up their summer stock now. Yay for bargain hunting! It’s so cute and cozy. I can’t wait to wrap Blueberry up in it and carry her everywhere. Note to Readers: It is not recommended to carry your baby in a sling when you are running or cooking. Um. Duh.

My more recent purchase(s) were a couple of funny baby onesies that I have beenTax Deduction Onesie eyeballing at Target for a while. At $2.50 each, how can you possibly pass these up? They’re like funny t-shirts for adults, and we all know I’m a sucker for a smart-aleck t-shirt. The two I got say, “Tax Deduction” and “Party at My Crib – 2 a.m.” I bought the 3 – 6 month size because, if Blueberry is anything like Tim & were, she’s going to need that size coming out of the womb. I figure she can always grow in to (and then right back out of) them.

For those of you who insist on thinking that Blueberry might not be a girl, you’ll be happy to know that all the items purchased thus far are gender neutral. And to you, I say: pffftttt.

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  1. Steph Johnson permalink
    9 April 2007 17:56

    Hey girl. I just wanted to leave you a comment that I thoroughly enjoy reading about you and Tim and blueberry. I know that we are still in the “getting to know you” process (although knowing Mere, I feel like you and I are already bff) and I find reading your blog to be an extension of that. You and Tim are going to be amazing parents and I can only hope to offer a little guidance, a shoulder and a smile along the way. Oh, and maybe a babysitting turn or eight. 😉 Hugs and Kudos.

  2. marge permalink
    10 April 2007 07:03

    Well, how did you know I only babysit for kids wearing “Party-my crib-2 am.” (Tho I do make esceptions if they’re wearing a bib that say’s “spit happens” With all these female realtives ready to buy clothes, what’s this Grandma to do? (Ha, if it’s really a girl, the First Girl Ever, you’ll be opening an infant girl’s clothing store!) Blueberries need water, but with a water birth you’ve got that covered too. Ah ha! They need sunshine! I’ll “plant” her in the garden next to me when babysiting and teach her about butterflies and nature’s colors. When she can sit up, of course!

  3. 10 April 2007 10:40

    Wow, TWO babysitting offers in a row… I gotta do this blogging thing more often! 😉

    It’s great to have such loving, supportive friends and family. And if it is a girl, between being a First Girl Ever on one side and the First Grandchild Ever on the other, she is going to be doubly spoiled.

  4. .Bittersweet. permalink
    11 April 2007 10:23

    Don’t go too crazy with the purchases, lady. You have a registry to put together for all of the shower-goers (and even those who won’t be able to make it)! Love the sound of what you have so far though.

    PS – I refuse to babysit. HA! :op

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