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To She or Not to She?

10 April 2007

He or She?Literally since the day we found out about Blueberry, Tim & I have referred to her as… well, “her.” We didn’t even have to talk about it — it just “feels like” a girl. We also agreed that we want to know for sure and that we will definitely not keep it a secret from our friends, family & Blueberry fans! Once we get back from our trip, I have to have another ultrasound to check up on my cervix, and it’s also conveniently the right time to try and find the answer to the big question.

Even as convinced as we are, between our circle and the myriad old wive’s tales, there are some doubters. I decided it would be fun to do a poll for this. We will take responses until we get back from Scotland. Leave a comment stating your vote. If you’re right, we’ll put your name in the drawing to be the first person to get a phone call from us when we find out (after grandparents, of course). You will be the envy of the blog!

To help out a little, I have included the results of several common sex predictor tests and old wive’s tales.

Heart Rate
The Tale: If your baby’s heart rate is higher than 140, it’s a girl. Less than 140, it’s a boy.
Our Results: Blueberry’s heart rate was 172 bpm at the 2nd ultrasound.

The Ring Test
The Tale: Using your wedding or engagement ring hung from a string and held in front of the belly, it will swing horizontaly to mom if it’s a girl and perpendicular to mom if it’s a boy.
Our Results: A little unclear because no one could agree on the right way to do it (standing up, lying down, over the hand, over the stomach)… but the majority of the methods concluded it was a girl.

Dad’s Weight Gain
The Tale: If dad gains weight during the pregnancy, it’s a girl. If he doesn’t gain a pound, it’s a boy.
Our Results: Tim admits to packing on a few pounds since he found out. But he has started running again, so that has stopped — for now. Sorry, honey!

Mom’s Skin
The Tale: If mom’s skin is especially prone to breakouts, it’s a girl. Rumored to be due to the extra “female” hormones.
Our Results: Not that I was ever a candidate for a Neutrogena ad, but my skin has been non-stop awful the whole time I’ve been pregnant.

Chinese Lunar Calendar
The Tale: A Chinese scientist discovered this chart which was buried in a royal tomb about 700 years ago. The original is kept in the Institute of Science of Peking. The accuracy of the chart is claimed to be 99 percent. Calculation is based on the mother’s age at the date of conception.
Our Results: Hard to say. We are right on the line between December 2006 and January 2007 for conception. Since we don’t know exactly when it happened, this one is tricky. December, it’s a boy. January, it’s a girl.

Carrying Position
The Tale: If you’re carrying “high” it’s a girl. If you’re carrying “low” it’s a boy.
Our Results: I feel like I’m carrying a bit high… but since I haven’t started showing a lot yet, it’s hard to say.

Magic 8 Ball πŸ™‚
The Tale: You know how this works.
Our Results: When asked the question, “Is Blueberry a girl?” the response was, “Cannot predict now.”

Good luck & happy voting!

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Amanda permalink
    10 April 2007 13:36

    I also have a feeling that you’re having a girl. I also think she is going to have curly blonde hair. My guess is she’ll be 7 lbs, 4 0z and born two days ahead of your projected due date.

  2. Sister (Victoria) permalink
    10 April 2007 16:21

    I think it will be a boy, simply because you both are so sure it is a girl. Can’t wait to find out!

  3. Jes (ASIL- almost sister-in-law) permalink
    10 April 2007 17:27

    It better be a girl. This family has enough stinky boys! πŸ™‚

  4. ChickPea permalink
    10 April 2007 17:51

    Chickpea thinks it is going to be a blueberry of the female persuasion because blueberries aren’t masculine. Chickpea’s best guess: 8 lbs 2 oz. 5-7 days late.

  5. Sarah permalink
    10 April 2007 20:23

    aaron says a boy.

    i’ll go with girl.

  6. .Bittersweet. permalink
    11 April 2007 10:26

    I think it’s a boy. Mostly just because I like to prove you guys wrong. ;o) xoxoxo

  7. Cari permalink
    11 April 2007 13:36

    I’m saying GIRL!!!
    We’ll see though HUH?
    I read your posts! GREAT! I remember everything you are going through, except the infection thing (eewwww) but the natural meds that you used….hhhmmmm, something to remember!
    As far as the fully clothed baby bump picture….where’s the bump? I don’t see it! Lucky girl!
    So happy I can update Shad about all this! hehehe
    Really, I will spare him the details! πŸ˜‰
    Glad to hear you are doing good! Hugs to you & Blueberry and Tim of course from Shad & myself!

  8. marge permalink
    15 April 2007 06:41

    Since grandparents get a call before all the voters, I don’t have to predict–Whhheee-hee! (Cause if I get it wrong, I might not get that one-of-the-first ones call! I think Blueberry could be a boy name tho: after all, there’s Bluebeard! Any grandchild is fine by me: ten fingers, ten toes, a good brain, and I won’t worry about what’s in between!

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