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29 April 2007

PreviewI forgot to post this before I left… when I went shopping for maternity jeans (at Gap, of course, since they are the only ones that seem to fit me right) I found a padding belt in the dressing room that is supposed to “add three months” to your already expanding belly. So, I pulled a Hollie to see what I might look like by mid-summer. Although, based on the way I’ve been looking/feeling lately, I think I might look like this much sooner than I’d like. I haven’t gained an ounce since we left on our trip (I tend to lose weight when I go on vacation so it probably just balanced out this time) but my belly is so big that I can’t sleep on my tummy anymore. That makes me sad. I am definitely a tummy-sleeper.

For those of you who don’t know, Hollie was the other matron of honor in Amanda’s wedding last June — we are both now pregnant with “surprise” babies and due within a couple of weeks of each other!

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