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Waiting Game

30 April 2007

For all you inquiring minds out there: I just scheduled my next ultrasound today.  I haven’t gotten the prescription from my midwife yet but I went ahead and called because they are super-backlogged and it would be mid-June if I waited to have a script in hand from her.  The date is Friday, May 18th.

I want to put a disclaimer in here… were it not for the medical history with my cervical stuff, I would probably not be having ultrasounds at all.   As much fun as it is to know what the baby will be and get to have pictures of it (her), ultrasounds are more of a convenience than a necessity.  I think it’s up to each woman to decide what level of interaction with modern medicine she is comfortable with in pregnancy and birth.  And knowing that my baby is safe and everything is going well is where my comfort level lies for this pregnancy.

Enough of the serious stuff… if you voted on the sex, be sure to e-mail me the phone number you can be reached at on May 18th at around 11:00 a.m. Eastern time just in case you’re the winner!

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