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Feeling Blue…berry!

28 May 2007

The first time was last Wednesday night. I was on the bed reading, when I felt a particularly strong wallop of a kick. I looked down from under my book, waiting for the next one and suddenly a little bump rose up out of the side of my stomach and then disappeared.  I thought I was imagining things until it happened again two seconds later.  I was so excited, I went to find Tim and show him and after a while, Blueberry made another little appearance.

Ever since then, I have been able to “see” him move every day.  Tim’s family always talked about how much he kicked and squirmed in the womb, so this is a “like father, like son” thing for sure.  I think Blueberry has reached typical movement milestones about 3 – 4 weeks ahead of time every time.  I felt him at 14 weeks and Tim could feel him at 16, and now seeing him at 21 weeks.  Crazy kid.

He is most active in the evenings, but I get little bursts of activity all day.  In fact, this morning, he “woke up” when we did and danced around while we were still in bed.  And I’ve seen him kick me three times while I’ve been writing just now.   Other things that make him wriggle… cold drinks (really, really cold when I’m really, really hot) and me leaning forward while I’m sitting (I think it squishes him and he doesn’t like it).

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