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21 June 2007

How excited am I that the wee bairn (that’s “little baby” for you non-Gaelic folks) is already practicing his Highland dancing?! No kidding, he really is quite the kicker. He takes after me — I was nick-named “Thumper” during my own tenure in the womb. Apparently, Blueberry likes to kick his Mama all day but gets shy around other people. Sometimes, he gets shy and quiet around me but a little singing or playing music gets him up and dancing in no time.

I have responded to these amazing developments like most new Dads-to-be who, the minute they realize there is actually a living little person in there, lay down their treasured masculine pride and turn into puppy-talking pansies. So in typical male fashion, to make up for my inability to cope with my feminine side (although those who know me well know that has never really been a problem), I have come up with several wonderful methods of “man-foolery” to bolster my beer-drinking, biceps-flexing pride.

Tim-Daddy’s Mad Guitar SkillsThe first of these flimsy farcifications (yes, I made that word up) was telling everyone about Blueberry’s last ultrasound and how well he proved his manhood with an unbashful, almost eager, display of his prized parts! My next deplorable device was the Army-style running cadence I made up for him. I figured: Blueberry is stuck in that womb, trying to run all around but getting nowhere fast. The least I could do is come up with a good “hooah” running cadence to sing to him while he works on his baby physique!

My most recent recourse has been an attempt to find a balance between my sword-swinging studliness and my ballet-bouncing background… bringing me to the guitar. Let me point out here that my definition of “playing the guitar” is haphazardly strumming the few chords I know so I’m not just singing with the wind. With the guitar, I can sing as wild or as sappy a song as I like while both expressing my feelings or softer side. But it works because I’m playing the guitar, which… let’s face it, is just… what?… that’s right, “manly and cool.” So therein lies the perfect combination.

The best part of this one is that Blueberry seems to respond to music almost instantly with some wild foot tapping that puts a big smile on his Mama’s face. He’s happy, she’s happy, and that makes me happy. And what is every man’s true goal in life, other than belching the alphabet? If your answer was, “providing for the happiness of his family”, then you got it right. So it all comes full circle to prove that once again I am able to stand tall, baby talk and all, and know that some measure of my magnificent masculinity is still intact.The Concert-Goers

P.S. Blueberry, a little secret and a few words of inspiration that have been passed down from generation to generation: Keep kicking, my little man. Even though it seems futile right now, there is actually a trap door at the bottom. If you stand on your head and hit it just the right way, it opens up! Be patient, though. It can take months to find, but find it you can and you’ll make your way out, my little dancing man.

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  1. .Bittersweet. permalink
    21 June 2007 16:44

    How cute was that? Way to go, Timotae. =)

  2. Great Auntie Lynn permalink
    21 June 2007 23:14

    My that tummy is getting big. I see a
    sway in mommy’s back that didn’t use to be there. Blueberry could you go easy on your mom. Tell her to take you for walks before you are born. That will make birthing easier,
    I think. Like I’d know. ( ; I’ve had a lot of kids but none of them ever came thru my canal. Can I come and watch??? That might be a little hard to plan for but I have always wanted to be present for a birth. Don’t let me come if you aren’t comfortable with this idea. I may be in Arlington the beginning of Septemer for a convention on Essestial Oils … and other products offered by Young Living. Love you MUCHO mommy, daddy, and blueberry. Auntie Lynn

  3. Sarah permalink
    22 June 2007 19:29

    tyson looks confused. and tim, you’re adorable, and you rock!

  4. 23 June 2007 08:53

    Trap door at the bottom a la Lammywinks.

  5. 27 June 2007 10:12

    Management regrets to inform our Dear Readers that the event known as Blueberry’s Birth will not be open to the public under any circumstances. :o)

    No offense, G.A. Lynn, but there’s no way in hell I would let anyone besides Tim & our midwife at the birth. You’ll just have to settle for stories, limited photos and living vicariously through baby shows on the Discovery Channel. But maybe you could start pitching the idea to Jes for her turn!

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