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Well-Baby Visit

28 June 2007

Time for another monthly trip to the midwife!

I look forward to my appointments with Tammi so much more than I ever did going to the doctor’s office. It’s partly because of the more relaxed environment, being in her home and comfortable. Much better than sitting impatiently in a waiting room for a half hour only to be rushed through vitals to sit another half hour, half-naked and freezing in a sterile exam room and waiting to get poked in the crotch (and not in the good way) while being interrogated for every possible reason to make this a “high-risk” pregnancy.

10 ReasonsThis is the second appointment — and I’m guessing it will be a regular thing now — where we’ve had Tammi’s birth assistant, Lori, attend as well. Lori will be at the birth (thus, the title “birth assistant”, get it?) and she is studying to become a CPM. It’s neat to be a part of someone learning such important work as taking care of moms and helping bring their babies in to the world safely. Sometimes I get a little weirded out to imagine what these two are going to see me go through during labor and birth but I always tell myself that I am probably not going to do anything they haven’t seen before.

Everything checked out well. They take my blood pressure & pulse, measure my fundus, listen to Blueberry through my belly with a special stethoscope and go over some basic routine health questions. It’s also a good chance to be able to talk about anything birth or pregnancy related from vitamins to birth pools to immunizations. The visit is more like chatting with a close aunt than being at a doctor’s visit.

We also got to check my iron levels. Now is the time they should be at an all-time low because my body is about to reach its max blood volume capacity and the red blood cells have not had a chance to keep up. I was a little worried about this because I had been slightly anemic in the first trimester, before all this blood increase, and I have been really bad about taking my supplements and eating for the past couple of weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to check out within the “normal” range — that means I must be doing something right… I credit it to the alfalfa supplements. And, if I take all of my stuff more regularly, I’ll be even better off!

My next appointment is in a month, when Tim gets back from training. After that, we bump up to bi-weekly appointments. I still can’t believe the second trimester is almost over. My due date is one of those “so close, yet so far away” things right now… but I will enjoy it while it lasts. Three more months until years and years of babysitters!

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  1. .Bittersweet. permalink
    23 July 2007 14:30

    If it’s anything like my sister’s experience you will definitely NOT care who is there (and seeing what) because you’ll be so “in the moment”. =)

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