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Ain’t that just a kick in the… ribs.

29 June 2007

I was sitting at my desk today, trying my darnedest to not fall asleep (special thanks go out to Tyson for barking for no good reason at 4:30 this morning and to my bladder and my overactive imagination for not letting me fall back asleep again) when I started feeling funny little twinges high on my right side.  Blueberry usually prefers to hang out lower and do target practice on my cervix so it was odd to feel him there but I figured he was just bored and checking out the ever-expanding neighborhood that is my belly.  Suddenly, I got a poke to the ribs so hard that I almost jumped out of my chair.  I reached over and pushed in on my side and whack! there it was again — he kicked me right in the hand and then kept pushing with his little foot.  I laughed out loud and told him he was being a silly monkey.  And he proceeded to jab me in the side for another ten minutes.  At the same time, he was moving around in my lower left side, so I guess he was stretched out all the way across me.

I’m sure this won’t be cute in another month or so but for now it’s wonderful.  I love feeling him kick and flop and move all day — it’s like he’s doing as much work to get ready for his arrival as we are, and it makes all the tiredness, stress, and annoying physical and mental maladies a little more worth it.

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