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Blueberry’s Babes

18 July 2007

He’s not even born yet and Blueberry is already filling up his little black book! His newest girlfriend arrived yesterday. Susan Josephine, weighing 7 pounds, 11 ounces, was born last night to my co-worker Will and his wife Denise. Although, after seeing Blueberry’s “boy” ultrasound photo, I’m not so sure that Will is going to let them hang out much. 🙂

In other girlfriend-related news, Blueberry’s twin cuties up in Canada sent him some presents that I went and picked up last night. BB’s GFsBrigid and Megan, unbelievably adorable nieces of Auntie Night Mere, passed along a truckload (literally) of baby gear for him that their grandpa was nice enough to drive back with all the way from New Brunswick, Canada. The girls’ mom, Heather, is so squared away that she even included the original boxes, manuals and all the parts! I feel like I’ll be lucky to make it through the first year with matching shoes on my feet, much less staying that organized. We are now the proud owners of a Graco car seat, Baby Einstein bouncy seat, an “aquarium” themed entertainment center (which Tyson is already enamored with… great), a bag full of neutral baby clothes, a brand new bottle warmer and some other cool baby contraption that I can’t think of right now. Woohoo! Less stuff to get overwhelmed with picking out at Babies”R”Us… I really can’t get “in” to that place.

With all these other girls around, hopefully Peach (the upcoming new addition to the Journey clan & Blueberry’s fourth girlfriend) isn’t the jealous type. She is due about a week before he is, so at least he’d never forget her birthday!

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