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Wow… 30 Weeks

23 July 2007

That means only 10 weeks left to go!  Next week, I will be in single-digit countdown weeks.  It’s really hard to believe.  What sucks most about it is how it just highlights the fact that, when you get older, time really DOES fly by.  I mean, remember grade school when four 9-week quarters seemed interminable? All you wanted to do was have summer break and be a year older or, better yet and almost unimaginable, graduate from high school because it was, like, SO lame.  And here I am in the final stretch of the equivalent of about a school year of having BB in my belly realizing that in a few (very short) years I will be giving him the same speech about enjoying his youth and blah, blah, blah, and it will be met with the eye-rolling “whatever. you’re old and you don’t understand me” attitude that I gave my parents and then someday he will look back and realize I was right and then the cycle will continue itself in to eternity.

*sigh* Anyways… I digress… on to the weekly report…30 Weeks

This week, Blueberry is the size of a loaf of bread! I literally have a “bun” in the oven!  🙂

Blueberry likely tops three pounds now and measures up to 17 inches in length. Lanugo, the downy hair that has covered most of his body during the past weeks, begins to disappear at this point. When he’s born, he may still have a few patches of fuzz, usually on his back and shoulders, but these remnants will disappear within a few weeks of birth. The hair on his head is thickening, too, though this hair is often a temporary topping that begins to shed about a month after birth, to be replaced down the road by more permanent hair.

If you could look inside your belly, you might see Blueberry yawning or even sucking his thumb, and you may also notice that he does not move at all during your Braxton Hicks contractions. This is because your muscles tighten and constrict his movement. By now your baby is probably more used to Braxton Hicks than you are.  (More on that topic later.)

The hair thing is funny.  Tim was apparently bald for the first two years of his life.  His baby pictures are adorable — he looks like a little Mr. Clean.  Hehe.  I don’t think I had a lot of hair when I was younger either.  And now both of us have crazily thick, wavy hair.  So, even if he follows in his dad’s footsteps of baby-pattern baldness, we know he’ll be just fine in that department.

  • Things I Like This Week: Having Tim-daddy home again!  My best friend, partner and the greatest DTB (daddy-to-be) ever is back.
  • Things I Don’t Like This Week: Having a constant bloody nose.  Not the dramatic running-down-your-face kind.  The slow drip kind where it just oozes out and pretty much dries before it can go anywhere so you end up with a nose and sinuses full of blood clots that inhibit your breathing and make you feel gross whenever you use a Kleenex.
  • What I Miss About Being Not Pregnant: Uninterrupted sleep.  On my stomach.
  • What I Love About Being Pregnant: My favorite thing is still feeling Blueberry move around inside of me and now push out on me.  It sucks on the few occasions that he does something uncomfortable — last night was cervical target practice night and he likes to get up in my ribs every once in a while.  For the most part, though, it just makes me smile and laugh to feel him squirming, kicking and pushing.  I guess it annoys/bothers some women and is just painful to others.  But I would really have to classify it as one of the most amazing feelings in the world.
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  1. Katie permalink
    24 July 2007 13:52

    Cervical target practice…. LMAO!!

  2. szdcps82 permalink
    25 July 2007 16:16

    cute banner. yay! almost there. 🙂

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