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His Name is…

30 July 2007

… still Blueberry, for now.

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t asked yet: yes, we have picked out names. In fact, we have it narrowed down to two choices. We’ll make the final decision once he is born and we decide which one suits him best. In the meantime, no, we’re not telling. Nope, not even our families. Just ask my mom or Aunt Jes, who seem to be the most perturbed by this decision.

I was actually inspired to take this tack with people by my cousin Marci and her husband Toby. At first, everyone acted like we were crazy or just being plain mean, and for a brief second I almost felt guilty.  Then I discovered, over the course of the past few months, that it seems to be a pretty common choice for first-time parents-to-be in our age bracket nowadays. Pregnancy is a time of overwhelming and unwanted opinions — this is just a way to limit that in some small manner and keep at least part of the experience private and enjoyable. Because, no offense, but I don’t care whether or not you like the names we pick, think we should name him “Tim Junior” or would have chosen something different. If you want to pick a name, have your own kid. Or, if you’re too old for that, adopt a pet.

In other interesting name-related news, a recent Wall Street Journal article titled “The Baby-Name Business” talks about the growing trend of parents-to-be who are so obsessed with the naming decision that they are actually hiring consultants to help them decide. Hey, I’m all for doing whatever makes you happy, but this idea ranks right up there with doggy Prozac as an all-time ridiculous thing to spend money on.

“They” say that it’s a result of information overload on baby name sites that have become so popular in the past decade — but I would think that would make it easier to do it yourself, not harder. One consultant gives people a list of 2,000 names to choose from… and I’m betting that all he does is get a rough idea of things you like/don’t like and does a search on just like the rest of us. If the thought of doing that yourself stresses you out, maybe you should reconsider this whole child-raising thing.

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