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31 Weeks… Single Digits (9 Weeks) to Go!

31 July 2007

31 WeeksThis week, Blueberry is (NOT) the size of a Ken doll!  I don’t know where the person who came up with that example bought her Ken dolls from, but mine were never as big as Blueberry supposedly is now.  Wouldn’t a Cabbage Patch Kid be more accurate?

Blueberry now weighs approximately 3.5 pounds and measures about 18 inches from head to toe.  He is getting used to the world of light and dark by opening and closing his eyes and practicing gazing. His facial muscles continue to strengthen, and he can make different expressions.

He has hair on his head, and toenails (on his feet, not on his head). Most of the lanugo has disappeared. His brain is already capable of memory, learning, and processing sights and sounds. His internal systems and tissues are more complex. The digestive tract is nearly mature, but the last few weeks in utero are critical for the lungs.

We had our last monthly midwife appointment on Friday.  From now until 36 weeks, we’ll go every two weeks and then, after that, every week until Blueberry arrives!  In so many ways, it feels like an eternity away — especially when I am sore, can’t get comfortable and can’t imagine getting any bigger than I am right now.

The appointment went well, as usual.  My fundal measurement is exactly on track for the gestational age, my blood pressure is almost as low as it normally is, and Tim & I got to listen to Blueberry’s heartbeat!  We also talked about his positioning and starting to try to get him to turn head down.  He’s not late in doing so, but now is the time to work on it so we aren’t down to the wire and trying to move a REALLY big baby around in a REALLY tight space.  (I’ll write a separate entry about our “baby spinning” adventures the past couple of days since the appointment.)

  • Things I Like This Week: Coke & Cherry Slurpees from 7-11 or Target.  Pork Carnita Tacos from Baja Fresh.
  • Things I Don’t Like This Week: Going anywhere outside of the house, especially if it involves interaction with other human beings.  I seriously think that women should be allowed to stay home and nest and be selectively interactive the last two months of pregnancy.
  • What I Miss About Being Not Pregnant: Breathing normally.
  • What I Love About Being Pregnant: Looking like a fertility goddess.  Especially because I still have a little bit of a waist to accentuate my awesome childbearing hips.  Take that, skinny anorexic Cosmo bitches.  
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  1. .Bittersweet. permalink
    31 July 2007 12:39

    I forget where but I recently saw a picture of a retro-Ken doll and he was GINORMOUS. I found it to be quite frightening.

    PS – Thanks for clarifying the toenails weren’t on his head. Who’s the genius editor of this stuff anyway?!? 😀

  2. georgina permalink
    4 March 2009 07:03

    is blueberry a real baby. if not how was is made. xx

    • 28 May 2009 19:40

      Um, yes. “Blueberry” is a real baby. He’s a year and a half old now. If you need to know how babies are made, I highly recommend trying a Google search. 😉

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