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Turn, Baby, Turn!

2 August 2007

After reading in Hollie & Eric’s blog that Peach has turned (Hollie is a couple weeks ahead of me, we think), I got to wondering more about Blueberry’s position and what he was up to in there. Until now, with all his moving and shaking, I just sort of figured that he swam about pretty freely and changed positions almost every day. Turns out, I was probably wrong and now that I know what a couple of the different positions feel like, I realize he was most likely chilling on his back in his little baby hammock for quite some time now.

Belly Compass I checked out this site about “Baby Spinning” and the number of positions the baby can be in is pretty amazing. It helps to think of it like a compass, with the direction of the head and which way the baby is facing helping to determine which way he is laying inside.

Thursday night, before our appointment, Tim and I spent some time noticing what movements were happening at the different spots on my belly.  Hard, strong movements are usually kicks, whereas the lighter, more “flutter-like” ones are hands & arms.  The smaller dome is obviously the head and the bigger, sometimes rounded, hard area — if you can feel it, depending on how he’s facing — is the back and the butt.

We decided that Blueberry was transverse (meaning he was facing sideways), with his head up by my left ribs , his butt right around my belly button and his little legs tucked up in the middle of my right side.  At our appointment, Tammi & Lori agreed with our assessment, based on how he felt and where his heartbeat was.  We talked about keeping an eye on him and getting him turned — we aren’t far enough along to worry about a breech yet, but it’s definitely time to get him moving down.  Tim teased me that, if Blueberry’s like his mama, he will wait until the last minute and do it on his own sweet, precious time.  To that, I say: 😛

Tammi suggested that we talk to Blueberry about getting turned around, showed Tim the acupressure points for turning, and which way we should massage the belly to encourage him to move the right way.  She also gave us a hypnotherapy visualization CD to listen to  by Francesca — she did my first hypnotherapy session and will do my pre-birth session soon, when she brings us our birth tub.

We talk to Blueberry a lot anyways, so every once in a while, I would tell him that he should start thinking about moving down to get ready (but that it’s not time to come out yet!) while I rubbed clockwise circles on my belly.  We had also read that sometimes babies will follow sound or light — some suggest putting a flashlight or small radio in a woman’s pants (don’t laugh!) to get the baby to move.  So when we sang to him at night, Tim sang lower on my belly than he normally does.

Sunday, I got to have a wonderful pre-natal massage session with Tim.  During the beginning of it, I used the CD to help relax and imagine Blueberry getting in the right position that he needs to be in.  In addition to some great belly massage that Blueberry loved to kick about, Tim did the acupressure points… which also happen to be the points for your bladder, right next to the outside of your toenails on your little toes.  Fair warning: if you do it right, it makes you feel like you really have to pee, so “go” before trying this at home.  Still no sign of turning from the kiddo, but I told him to do it whenever he was ready.

At work on Monday, I was having a rough day due to a particularly sleepless night.  I decided that Blueberry & I could use a little relaxation music.  I have these little computer speakers hooked up in my office and I ran one of them under the desk so I could sit with it between my legs.  Thankfully I never had to get up when anyone came in to see me!  We listened to a mix Gregorian chants, Celtic music and a relaxation mix from one of my favorite “Buddha Bar” CD compilations of lounge-y veg-out music.  By that afternoon, I could feel his head going down my left side and his kicks becoming stronger and more frequent.

That evening was probably one of the single most uncomfortable ones I’ve had so far — but I told Blueberry he could do whatever he needed to do to get moved and to not worry about hurting me.  I tried to stay relaxed while he did his thing.  While we were laying upstairs after dinner, the acrobatics we could see and feel were funny and amazing.  If anyone ever wanted to make a comparison of my stomach to something from the “Alien” series, they would have had ample opportunity then.  By later in the night, we could actually feel his little hands and fingers pushing out of my lower stomach as he turned himself around.  It was so cool and I was so proud of him for listening to us!  Surprisingly, I slept… well, like a baby that night even with all the commotion.

The past couple of days have been an adjustment for me.  He has he continued to make himself comfortable and get settled in to his new, mostly upside-down, world… and now I’m feeling mega-pregnant.  Most of the time, his little feet are well up in my right ribs — to the point where I actually can’t feel the bottom of my rib cage anymore on that side.  Sometimes he arches his back and butt out or sticks a knee out to the point that I feel like my belly button is going to give out and he’s going to pop right through my skin.

Then there’s my new favorite — the bladder press.  Here, I Three Anteriorsthought I’d get lucky somehow and not start peeing fifty times a day until much, much later.  That was before his little head was resting on my lower pelvis.  Sometimes he turns or presses just right and it feels like I just drank fifty gallons of water and am sitting next to a rushing waterfall trying to hold it all in.  Subsequent trips to the bathroom are disappointingly low-volume productions.  Also, now that his hands are sometimes up around his head, I get some really fun, knee-buckling whacks in the pelvic bone and cervix.  I think he’s just testing the trap door.

Blueberry seems to move back and forth between the top two positions in this picture, both of which are fine because he can easily rotate to the bottom position, “occiput anterior” during labor, which is the best one. That means he is head down and facing my spine, so when he comes out we would see the back of his head first… which is just what we want!

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  1. Great Auntie Lynn permalink
    2 August 2007 23:47

    I read all about baby spinning after your last blog entry. It is all so fascinating to me, since I’m very
    ignorant of all this. I’m glad Blueberry Boy is swimming nicely into position. It’s amazing how the acupressure helps this. Makes me wonder where in the heck the medical profession is on all this. Oh, that’s right, they want to be in control!!!
    I admire you so much, Lori and Tim, for choosing to use a mis-wife and all her valuable knowledge and compassion. Though I can’t be
    there for the birth, I feel kind of like I am as I learn all about this. Thanks so much for writing this blog. It is fascinating. Love & hugs to mommy, daddy, and blueberry.

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