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It’s a Miracle!

9 August 2007

I subscribe to “News of the Weird,” a syndicated publication that I used to read in the local City Paper but which I now receive in weekly e-mail digests. The range of man’s capacity for stupidity and strangeness amuses me, what can I say?

This week featured a section called “The Jesus World Tour,” listing recent Jesus “sightings” around the world, a la the infamous eBay grilled cheese sandwich of the Virgin Mary. One particular report caught my eye… Amanda McLean of Glasgow, Scotland, saw Jesus in her sonogram! You think seeing a baby in a sonogram is hard — now try to imagine seeing Jesus.

Baby Jesus SonoThe family is convinced that Jesus made an appearance in her womb, though. The story goes that Amanda suffers from endometriosis. Doctors had always told her that there was a one-in-ten chance that she could carry a healthy baby to term, if she could get pregnant at all. After a couple of miscarriages, she got pregnant again and went to her priest for a blessing. At the ultrasound a few days later, the miraculous image appeared on the scan.

I found a copy of the pic, and it’s just not happening for me. You’re supposed to be able to see a “wide open left eye and a mustache tapering in to a beard” that represents “the face of Jesus just next to her head – it’s kind of part of her face and body in the shadows and spaces.”

I see the freaky looking eyeball thing, and it’s obvious that this is the baby’s head but I’m not really seeing much else. Anyone? Bueller? Baby Jesus?

(Stand by for your regularly scheduled blog… as soon as I collect enough brain cells to write it, I will.)

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  1. Iris permalink
    9 August 2007 17:49

    I can see it, and its kind of creepy B/C there is the eft eye and face but the right eye is totally a large gaping …. what is it? A hole? A crater? A giant fly-eye?

    Goes to show you that the mind will see patterns in any random bit of pixels.

  2. 9 August 2007 17:50

    I hate to admit it.. but I see Jesus too… but then, I can see Lord Voldemort in the skull part too… sooo… I guess this lady is gonna have one heck of a delivery…

    funny though… I can’t see a baby in there at all! 😉

  3. Katie permalink
    10 August 2007 07:59

    Well, I see the face of a very startled looking bearded man. If it is the Face of Jesus, and not the face of some random bearded man in her womb, are we looking at the Face of Semitic Jesus or the Face of Gentile Midwestern Evangelical Jesus? Personally, I think it’s FOSJ because He’s not blonde. And I see Him wearing a baseball cap. He’s probably an Angels fan.

  4. .Bittersweet. permalink
    10 August 2007 12:27

    😐 @ you for even posting this.

  5. Auntie Lynn permalink
    11 August 2007 14:42

    It is through faces and people that Jesus is found — in peoples’ acts of kindness, facial expressions, touch, a meal, a blanket. I do not see Jesus’ face in the sonogram, but when the baby is born it will be the miracle of God and his son that makes this all possible. That is what I believe. Birthing and babies are miracles of God.

  6. 14 August 2007 13:51

    LOL @ Lord Voldemort & FOSJ… I’m not sure how Baby Jesus feels about being lumped in those categories but I guess he’ll have to deal with it if he’s going to make such questionable appearances in random wombs.

  7. Marge permalink
    15 August 2007 12:20

    Nah, that’s not Jesus! Anyone can see it’s Bluebeard the pirate, with a large patch over his right eye!

  8. szdcps82 permalink
    18 August 2007 21:32

    definately looks like a pirate on the left side to me, and a scary fish on the right.

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