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Getting Ready…

16 August 2007

I ordered our birth kit this week and just received confirmation that it is en route.  It includes such fun items as a “mesh panty” — I’m guessing not the sexy kind? — lots of large square absorbent pads and a perineal bottle.  I don’t think I even want to know what that’s for.  My favorite thing is a disposable tape measure that will be used to check out all of Blueberry’s new little parts. 🙂

I have my final hypnotherapy appointment with Francesca on the 12th of September, right before our next babymoon.  And shortly thereafter, she’ll bring us the birth tub we’re renting from her.  Then we’ll be all set for the arrival of Blueberry!

For the curious & the uninitiated, it is on my list of “to do” blog entries to write more about our plan to do a home waterbirth.  I realize it’s something that many people find odd, intriguing or downright scary and I will be happy to answer any questions about it!  We’re really excited about the experience… just have to make it to 37 weeks to pretty much guarantee that we’ll get to do this at home.

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