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34 Weeks… aka “The Longest Six Weeks Are Yet to Come”

23 August 2007

34 WeeksThis week, Blueberry is the size of a football.  And he’s practicing to be a kicker!  He could be up to 20 inches long already and weighs about five pounds.

There’s not much in the developmental department this week… Blueberry is packing on the weight right now and his lungs will continue to develop up until about week 37, when he is considered to be in the range of “full term” and would be able to be born without any problems likely.

Even though he’s running out of room pretty quickly, he still manages to get a lot of moving and shaking done.  With the exception of a few very deep sleeping naps during the day, he is non-stop moving.  It used to happen very rarely, but now it’s a regular occurrence to see and feel elbows, knees, hands and feet pushing out and sliding up and down my belly.  He’s still head down, but that’s the only thing that’s consistent… Tammi & Lori said he’ll have a nice, twisted umbilical cord from all his moving.

Speaking of which: we had our 34 week pre-natal appointment yesterday.  They’re pretty routine by now and everything is moving along normally.  My protein intake has gotten much better and I’m on all the supplements that will keep my system balanced and healthy for the rest of the pregnancy and delivery.  I take about 20 tablets and capsules every day — prenatals, calcium, Vitamin C, alfalfa, folic acid, phytonutrients, probiotics… I’m also really bad about taking this liquid iron supplement called “Floradix” partly because it’s in the fridge so I forget about it and partly because it tastes like blood and I hate gagging it down.

I am having good days and bad days.  Mostly, I have noticed a rapid decrease in my tolerance for human interaction.  As if you couldn’t tell from my last couple of blogs.  🙂  I really, really try and I can “turn it on” for a couple of hours if I’m given enough time in advance to mentally prepare myself.  I think it would be better if I didn’t have to go to the office full-time… that has been really draining on me lately.  Right now I’m the #1 advocate for a maternity care plan that would allow women to stay home after the start of the 8th month of pregnancy.  Since we know that’s not going to pass any time soon, I think I will instead start planning to not be working at all or working from home by the time this happens again.

Rumor has it that there will be a baby shower this Saturday, hosted by Ms. Bittersweet and her mom, Grandma O. and Aunt-to-Be/ASIL Jes.  It’s going to be co-ed because we have such a mix of friends and we are the first couple in our immediate circle to have a baby.  Should be a good time.  I am looking forward to it — in some weird way it seems like a final milestone to pass before Blueberry gets here.  I’m sure we’ll have lots of great pics and stories on Monday.

  • Things I Like This Week: I cannot kick the Slurpee habit.  But I’m really picky about them… they can’t be too syrupy/melty because I don’t like the sugar part.  I really just want the icy part.  I think I’m going to buy a sno-cone machine tonight so I can make my own at home.  Seriously.
  • Things I Don’t Like This Week: Not being able to get comfortable in my office chair at work, even though it’s a $500 ergonomic model and I’m using three pillows, a trash can and a water bottle behind my back to try and help.
  • What I Miss About Being Not Pregnant: Being (more) in control of my moods.
  • What I Love About Being Pregnant: My belly.  Even though I’m gigantic right now, I still love how big and round it is.  I like having my shirt up, I like having it painted and I like rubbing on Blueberry all the time.
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