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Still Growing… 38 Weeks

16 September 2007

38 WeeksThis week, Blueberry is the size of a beach ball. This week, mommy looks like a beach ball.

Blueberry is about 21 inches long this week (still) and weighs between 6.5 and 7 pounds. He could be gaining up to an ounce per day even though my weight gain has stopped. (Thank God!) He has been officially full term for a week now, so there’s not much else going on other than last-minute growing and getting ready for his big day!

I have given up trying to force myself back to sleep — instead, I wake up and catch up on e-mail (and procrastinate catching up on the blog), watch some t.v., do a little nesting. If I’m lucky, I fall back asleep on the couch sometime around 7:30 or 8 and get another hour or so of sleep in before “officially” starting the day. My half-day work schedule has proved to be the single most beneficial thing for my sanity and overall well-being.

38 WeeksAlthough I think I have a couple more days at least, I would be really surprised if I made it through this week. Friday as I was packing up to leave work, I got this nagging feeling that I should get some of my personal stuff out of there that I need at home — papers, insurance stuff, my external hard drive. I straightened and cleaned and organized a bit so that my replacement can move in. I know they will be fine at this point if I don’t make it back on Monday, but I would feel much better with one more day in the office to tie up loose ends and wrap up a couple more projects.

TMI Alert: Friday, I think I lost my mucus plug. It happened on an early morning trip to the bathroom. I’ll spare you the description and you can just trust my judgment. This suspicision was further confirmed by the fact that yesterday I started having even more intense cramps and lower backache. Before it was pretty mild (more annoying than painful) and inconsistent. Now I go through a couple of hours of off and on, irregular crampy contractions in addition to the Braxton Hicks.

My BH contractions are so strong and frequent that we have taken to calling them “baby hugs.” Whenever I have a REALLY good one, my abdominal muscles mold around Blueberry so tightly that you can see his outline in my stomach. It looks like someone wrapped him up in a blanket and pulled it snug and tight.

Even with the reduced amount of room, he is still a mover and shaker. His antics get my attention a lot more now, because it’s pretty hard to ignore a 21-inch, eight pound-something baby when he starts doing kung fu. I always wonder what the heck he’s doing in there. Is he bored? Is he just trying to get comfy and make more room? Sometimes we play a little game where where he’ll poke his feet (officially called “feeter-beaters”) out my side or push his butt out at the top of my stomach and we’ll talk to him and say “IIIIIIII’m gonna GET YA!” while we grab & tickle whatever little parts are pressing outward. He seems to enjoy that… he usually jumps and “hides” and then pushes back out again a few seconds later so we can get him again. If pre-born babies can giggle, I imagine that’s what he’s doing. Daddy likes to roughhouse with him, which is a more active form of the game that involves little to no regard for the fact that mommy is in between the two of them while they are kicking and pushing. It’s cute so I can handle it for a few minutes, but if belly buttons or contractions become involved, I have to put a stop to it.

  • Things I Like This Week: Baby & birth programs on t.v. that show women actually having children without being induced or having a c-section. *gasp* It CAN be done!
  • Tyson RexThings I Don’t Like This Week: Missing Tyson Rex, Booger Pup Extraordinare, while he is at grandma & grandpa’s house.
  • What I Miss About Being Not Pregnant: “Normal” clothes. My current selection is starting to not fit as well as I would like, but I refuse to buy anything bigger.
  • What I Love About Being Pregnant: Eating whatever I want, when I want it without guilt or explanation.
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  1. katie permalink
    16 September 2007 08:52

    oh wow. wowie wow wow! (articulate of me, i know.) it’s almost go time… and yet you still look so slender behind that belly. 🙂 mabruk!

  2. Mom permalink
    16 September 2007 14:17

    Honey, this is the time you have to keep yourself from doing silly little things to speed up the process. I know it’s very hard to not feel overwhelmed by the basketball bloated feeling that becomes an obstacle to everything you do. I remember the time I had two pair of shoes same style, but different colors. I had someone at church comment about how I must be getting close. Wondering why they would say that, they just pointed to my feet. Having to look to the side of my very big belly, I realized I had put on one of each color because I literally could not see my feet when standing.

    I mowed the lawn three times the week before Victoria was due. While I had a lot of energy, I did not have a storehouse of patience. I was so anxious to actually hold you guys and count fingers and toes and gaze into your eyes. It is such a wonderful blessing in a mommy & daddy’s life. I’m so excited for you to experience it! I love you three and pray every day for a special and uncomplicated delivery.

    Can hardly wait… maybe Wednesday. That’s Great-grandpa John’s birthday.

    Love ya—Mom

  3. 16 September 2007 14:37

    OOOH this is so exciting!!! I keep wondering which of us will go first! =) it really sounds like you’ve got some serious contractions happening… could be the beginning of it all!!!! =)

    thinking of you!

  4. Rachel Lyon permalink
    17 September 2007 08:32

    Yeah, you’re going to go at any time. I hope you’re checked by your midwife soon because I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’re already dilated and effaced. It CAN be done without drugs or a C-section, I’ve done it twice. And Lamaze works for everything , childbirth, a bad toe-stubbing, everything. Good luck! You’ll never fall in love so fast in your life!

  5. Marge permalink
    17 September 2007 11:09

    Ah, I think BB might be a Jody imitator–sandwich his birth between significant dates: in this case, Grandma and Alex’s date bets. Blueberry wants the bucks to go to Mommy and Daddy so they can spend it on him: no slouch, this little guy! Tyson can’t wait to flatten his very own baby! And we’re so excited for you guys! It could be Wednesday, not only your great grandpa and Alison’s mom’s b-days, but the same day of the month as Alex! But he’ll probably be a betweener-maybe he’s debuting as I write! Whoo-eee: this is like the last stretch of the Kentucky Derby! Hope the next contact is a phone call! 🙂 Grandma O

  6. szdcps82 permalink
    18 September 2007 18:55

    yay! excitement!

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