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On Again, Off Again

21 September 2007

Still here.  Still pregnant.

I have good days and bad days.  Yesterday was a bad day.  Well, it was a bad day from Wednesday night until later last night.  The kind of bad day where I could swear I’m going in to labor at any second.  Made worse by the fact that I didn’t go in to labor, I just felt like crap for no obviously good reason.  I had contractions all night Wednesday, which completely wore me out yesterday.  I spent most of the day sleeping, skipped work (my laptop is on the fritz anyways) and just generally felt like I wouldn’t make it through the evening still carrying Blueberry around in my belly.  Had a midwife appointment in the morning and Tammi commented on how they were surprised as well that we have made it this far.  We even canceled plans for a “last hurrah” happy hour with some friends because I felt so awful.

Then, cabin fever set in.  I think the idea that I might be cooped up in the house most of the weekend and in to next week plus the fact that I have been inside on the couch most of the day caught up with me.  I decided that we needed to go for a walk… plus, that’s supposed to help get things “moving” sometimes.  Two miles and a sore back later, nothing.  But I did feel a little better mentally.  So I guess that was worth it.

Now, today, I’m back to “normal” pregnant.  Mild contractions, feeling pretty okay overall. This is the “big” weekend.  Sunday is the day that Tim & I have always agreed would be the day that we’d start helping to move things along if they weren’t already going or done.  Accupressure, evening primrose oil, massage, et cetera.  We’ll see.

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  1. .Bittersweet. permalink
    21 September 2007 09:10

    Well, hopefully we can still keep our Monday “date” but, if not, I’ll be rooting you, Tim, and Blueberry on while I drool over Wentworth! ;o)

  2. 21 September 2007 09:30

    OH BOY!!! this could be a busy weekend!!! =)

    I’m glad you’re feeling better today ( ‘normal.. ha!’) . I have those same on again off again days. I’m almost starting to hope you’ll go first, (i think! LOL) just so I can stop worrying about you! =)

    sending you strength =)

  3. szdcps82 permalink
    21 September 2007 21:18

    come on down, blueberry! come out come out, wherever you are!

  4. katie permalink
    22 September 2007 09:56

    blueberry sure is taking his sweet time! but this means you get even MORE massage, so at least there’s that to look forward to.
    good luck this weekend. you’ll kick butt!! 😉

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