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39 Weeks. *sigh*

24 September 2007

This week, Blueberry is the size of a baby. He will continue to put on an additional half pound this week and probably weighs in at about 7 pounds (I should be so lucky). He is around 21.5 inches in length and most of the lanugo has fallen off in preparation for birth. The umbilical cord that has carried nutrients from the placenta to Blueberry is now 20 inches long and is half an inch thick.

Guess what? I’m STILL pregnant! So much for being a high-risk pregnancy, according to modern medicine, huh? But I don’t think anyone expected me to make it this long.

It also hasn’t helped that we got so excited at the 37-week mark, because that meant that we could officially/safely have a homebirth… or that I have been having contractions non-stop for the past month. Also, all the back and forth over the due date — first it was Sept. 24, then Oct. 5, then Oct. 1 — has made it hard to focus and be patient. I have never bought in to the later due date because everything Blueberry has done has been at least a week early: feeling him move, others being able to feel him move, turning, et cetera. Every morning when I wake up, I feel disoriented and confused that I’m still pregnant.

Yesterday (Sunday) we decided to try doing a few little things to see if we could encourage anything to happen. First thing in the morning, I took a dose of castor oil. It’s a popular natural method for getting things moving (no pun intended). They say to mix it with juice, but since we don’t drink juice, I thought I’d use Gatorade instead. Bad, bad idea. It just floated at the top and when I chugged the glass, it all came out in one greasy mouthful. It’s sort of like drinking melted Vaseline. I managed to keep it down. Other than a trip to the bathroom, nothing happened. It’s common to have to take multiple doses, so after researching online and discovering recommendations for chasing a shot of the oil with a soda, Tim got me some Dr. Pepper and I did it again. Still gross, but bearable. Again, nothing much… but then again, most accounts say it takes hours for it to kick in.

In the afternoon, we went out to run a couple of errands. As we were driving along, I felt such a violent pain rip through me that I yelled and grabbed Tim’s leg. Thankfully we were going slow, turning in to a parking lot, otherwise I think he would have ran off the road. It went from my belly button, down and “out” if you catch my drift. It was unlike anything I have felt so far. It literally felt like someone stabbed me. I started having a contraction after that that lasted a few minutes and then I was fine. We went in the store and I walked and sat off and on while waiting on Tim. About 20 minutes later as we were leaving the store, I started having real, honest-to-God contractions and we headed home.

Tim TubBy the time we thought to time them and write them down in case we needed to tell Tammi (whose phone number I realized we didn’t have in our phones), I had been having them for a while and they were coming in strong and at about four minutes apart. We got home and Tim started setting up the birth tub while I tried to find Tammi’s number to let her know that things were moving… and then the contractions all but stopped. I was still having mild cramping and BHCs, but nothing like what happened in the car.

After having a bite to eat, we went for a nice walk, which kicked off some more contractions but nothing consistent. Then Tim treated me to a long, relaxing massage while I listened to a hypnobirthing CD and did some visualizations, talking to Blueberry. It was great, but relaxed me right out of having contractions. We went to bed and had an uneventful night — for once, I didn’t even wake myself up making noise in the middle of a sleep contraction.

This morning, I woke up feeling fine. Minus that whole “pregnant” thing. I decided that maybe Blueberry takes after his dad… Tim didn’t make an appearance until his parents finally picked his name. We’ve been going back and forth between two choices (no, Victoria, “Harry” is not one of them) and had decided to wait until he is born to choose, but I decided that we were going to make the choice today. After the scientific “pick a hand” method with slips of paper, it was decided. So now he has no excuse.

Next, we went to the gym and I spent some time on the treadmill, trying to walk him out. Again, some contractions but nothing major. I got home and felt really woozy/out-of-it and tired. So, I decided to stay home today. I took another dose of castor oil and fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours.

Now here I am. Tired. Tired of being pregnant. Ready to hold Blueberry in my arms instead of in my belly. Feeling like every day he is still inside is one less day for him to get to know Tim. Tonight we’ll be trying some spicy food, more acupressure & walks, and a prostaglandin application. 😉 Send us happy birth thoughts!

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  1. 24 September 2007 20:12

    well, the night before Gwendolyn was born, Jacob, David and I decided on her name. May you have similiar success now that Blueberry has a name! We had a few favorites, and decided by putting all of them in a hat. J & I picked Gwendolyn right away, and David picked it after a second try. =) soooo..
    maybe having a name is what you need!

    For me, I was thinking my mistake was in not braiding my hair on Saturday night when my contractions started. For the births of J & G, I braided my hair to get it out of the way. SO, with that in mind, I have been sporting a french braid all day.

    I wonder … will your name picking, or my braid work??

    here’s hoping =)

  2. szdcps82 permalink
    25 September 2007 05:55

    dear blueberry,

    you should come out and enjoy our last bit of summer before it gets all cold and the sun goes away til march. trust me, you’ll love it. plus, if you wait too long and it gets cold, you can’t wear the cute little oneie i bought you. :p

    it’s much more fun out here, i promise. so hurry up so the rest of us can meet you and play with you!


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