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Patience: Virtue or Virtually Impossible?

26 September 2007

After our failed attempt at kick-starting things earlier this week, a well-deserved lecture from Tammi about letting Blueberry and my body do what they know is best, and a concerted effort at readjusting my attitude from “hurry up and wait” to “enjoy it while you can,” my subconscious mind has officially joined the “let’s get this party started” camp.  I had a dream last night that we were on Good Morning America, being interviewed about why it was taking so long for Blueberry to show up.  They had video teams at elementary school classrooms around the country who had made signs for Blueberry to cheer him on, and they were asking us why we thought he hadn’t made his appearance yet.  It would be funny except that it’s not far from how I feel right now.

G&G Olson came over for dinner last night & we had to eat at the newly relocated dining room table, which is now in the living room by the French doors, due to the large blue birth tub taking up space in the dining room. We got updates on everything from Tyson’s latest adventures to all the interested inquiries in to the status of Blueberry.  It was a nice time to catch up and we got to show off our video of Blueberry antics to them (I’ll try to edit and post a clip of it this week).  Tim & I went for a walk around the neighborhood after they left, which caused a few contractions but nothing exciting.

Today, Auntie Night-Mere is coming to take us out to play hooky and distract me for a day of running errands and girl-time.  Time to go get ready… tonight is a full moon, starting at 7:45 p.m. I was a full moon baby so maybe Blueberry will feel compelled to make an appearance.  And we just found out yesterday that Nana V. & Aunt Victoria are coming to visit on the 6th, so he’d better be here by then so he can meet them!

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  1. szdcps82 permalink
    26 September 2007 20:27

    i’m totally getting my elementary school kids to make signs urging blueberry on. that would totally confuse them, but possibly also be the most constructive thing we’ve done in months!

  2. .Bittersweet. permalink
    27 September 2007 10:19

    LOL @ that, Sarah!!

    Yesterday was SUCH fun! “HAVE YOU ALWAYS HAD THAT THING?!?” LMAO!!!

    Love you, girlie. xoxoxo

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