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Weekend Update

5 October 2007

For those of you waiting with bated breath (if you’re not, just play along), I thought I’d give a pre-weekend update in case I’m too pregnant to write a timely “41 Week” entry on Sunday. For those of you who prefer your updates anatomy-description-free, stop reading now!

Baby BeatThursday I had yet another midwife appointment with Tammi & Lori. This photo is actually from a previous appointment but I forgot to post it at the time. It’s a shot of my weekly listen to the pitter-patter of Blueberry’s heartbeat! That’s always the best part of the appointment.

Anyways… back to this week… we speculated that my poor little cervix, the one doctors thought wouldn’t be able to hold a baby to full term, is actually doing too good of a job holding Blueberry in. Women who have had cryosurgery or LEEP procedures (I’ve had both) run an increased risk of having scar tissue on the cervix that actually holds back progression of proper dilation. Sometimes it will reach a point where it will break up on its own, but sometimes it needs a little help. I have been at 2 cm dilated for about a week now, so we decided that it needed a little help.

After the regular pre-natal exam, we got ready for my very first pelvic exam since I left the ob/gyn practice back at 12 weeks pregnant (we had been checking on our own at home prior to this). Anyone who tells you pelvic exams are necessary at every appointment, or even at all — unless there are specific problems that need to be addressed, as in this case — is wrong. But I digress. Lori’s exam confirmed what Tim & I had already thought. I was about 2 cm dilated, but the outer portion of my cervix was very taut and rubbery instead of soft like the internal portion. That’s a definite sign of scar tissue. So, Lori set about massaging the scar tissue while I tried to not hyperventilate (having contractions while this was happening didn’t help). It was not a pleasant sensation, but it paid off right away — almost immediately, my cervix dilated to 3 cm. We took a little break and saw what I’ve been waiting to see for days now… the manipulation made my cervix bleed, which is a good sign at this point, as it means that the scar tissue and capillaries in the cervix are breaking up from my cervix dilating… it’s referred to as “bloody show.” When we went back for Round Two, I dilated easily to four centimeters and we called it quits shortly thereafter. When I left my appointment, slightly uncomfortable but much happier, I was at 4 cm dilation, about 40% effaced and the baby’s head was at a -1 station (just above being even with my pelvic bones).

I spent the afternoon having GREAT contractions, about 20 minutes apart and definitely “different” than the ones I was having before and when I got home, I discovered I lost my mucus plug (again) and was still having lots of show. About an hour later, I thought my water broke because I kept having a trickle of clear liquid with the show and it wasn’t… um… anything else. I tested myself a couple of times before calling Tammi to tell her what was going on. Contractions were about the same, 15 to 20 minutes and getting stronger. When Tim got home, we decided to go grab some food (another “last” meal out without an external baby, so we thought) and went for a walk that made me have more contractions.

Long story less long, I went the rest of the night like this and checked in with Tammi at a little after 10 p.m. I told her that, since things weren’t getting any worse, I’d plan on calling her in the morning unless I needed to call sooner. We went to bed fully expecting to not get a full nights’ sleep. My usual 3:30 a.m. trip to the bathroom led to the discovery of lots and lots of show and some mild contractions, but I managed to fall back asleep. I woke up a little after 7 and realized I had made it through the night… again. I lost another mucus plug (apparently they reform if nothing happens relatively quickly) and an hour later, I decided that my water hadn’t really broken after all.

As disappointing as that part is, it’s good because after the water breaks, we only have 18 hours to deliver before we have to go to the hospital to be administered IV antibiotics because of the increased risk of infection to the baby from the open womb. I talked to Tammi and told her that I didn’t think my water had broken and told her I’d call if anything developed. We went for a short walk, I had a few contractions and then came in for a warm bath and a good cry. The physical and emotional roller coaster are a bit much at times. I know no one stays pregnant forever, but my God if it doesn’t feel like this is all some sort of crazy dream and I’m going to wake up and realize I’m not pregnant at all.

Since getting up this morning, I’ve only had very mild contractions once or twice an hour and feel like nothing is happening at all now. This afternoon, I went out and ran some important errands — I have taken so many baths lately that I ran out of bubbles, and I have been reading so much that I was out of books. And I made one of the requisite twice-weekly trisp to Blockbuster, where they are probably starting to wonder how on earth we watch so many movies at once. My mom & sister decided to stick with their original schedule of coming out to visit us, Blueberry or not, so they will be arriving tomorrow morning as planned. I’m definitely looking forward to the distraction and hoping that they will get to see him in person before they leave!

Thanks for all the support and encouragement. I know I am not the easiest person to deal with right now, which is why I have sequestered myself from social interaction of just about any type (poor Tim, someone should drag him out of the house for a beer) and I appreciate your continued love & happy thoughts.

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  1. szdcps82 permalink
    5 October 2007 23:14

    hope this doesn’t mean blueberry is going to be shy!

    but props to you for holding out! i’m too impatient to wait that out. go lori! and come on blueberry! you can’t avoid the adoring fans forvever.

  2. 6 October 2007 08:56

    This all sounds familiar…things are progressing nicely! We’ll have a baby by Columbus Day. FYI: Hollie’s cervix dilated naturally to about 5 or 6, and then the midwife massaged it the rest of the way during labor. Peach was born two hours later.

  3. chick pea permalink
    6 October 2007 13:39

    hang in there, momma. chickpea’s here for/with you – even if she’s all the way around the world. give blueberry a kiss for me.

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