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41 Weeks… But Who’s Counting?

8 October 2007

This week, Blueberry is about the size of two five-pound bags of flour stacked on top of one another. Much to his mom’s concern, he has and will continue to gain a half pound per week until birth. The website that formerly sent “size of” updates no longer ventures a guess and has ceased sending updates at all. This week, Mom is the size of Dad, which Dad finds endlessly humorous. She has gained approximately 28 pounds during this pregnancy, most of which (besides the stomach) can be found in her horribly swollen legs & feet. Her waist now measures approximately 45 inches, an increase of 17 inches from pre-pregnancy. At this rate, it is expected that by Christmas time, she will weigh 220 pounds and have a waist measurement of just over 50 inches. Since she is not returning to work in the office, the added girth will help her excel at her new profession of mall Santa Claus… chosen so that she can interact with other people’s children since her own child does not want to come out and meet her.

Yesterday, in a concerted effort to encourage my cervix to get its act together, we spent a good nine hours with Tammi & Lori (aka Stubby & Chief Long Fingers, respectively) at our place, working with multiple methods of natural and manual stimulation to “get things going.” While normally the preferred midwife protocol is to let things take their natural course, in this case, my cervix is not “natural” since it has had previous medical interference performed on it, so it requires some additional interference to get things to go.

After stripping the membranes and doing a check & stretch of my cervical scar tissue, I took some homeopathic treatments that help kick-start contractions and cervical action. We also went for a walk that included doing two sets of the five floors’ worth of stairs in our building two at a time (this helps rock the baby back and forth and get its head better settled down in to pushing on the cervix, which also stimulates better contractions) and curb-walking, which is walking along the curb with one foot up and the other down, causing a similar rocking motion. By that time, I was having good, strong contractions that were about six minutes apart.

The regimen continued all afternoon — checking my cervix, herbs, walks, and contractions that were down to four minutes apart by themselves. We all took a break to get some dinner and when we came back, checked again. My cervix is thinner (more effaced) and Blueberry’s head is at about a zero to +1 station (meaning he’s even with or just slightly past my pelvic bone, which is great). I’m right around 6 cm dilated and a lot of the scar tissue was broken up so the outer cervix was much more stretchy and malleable. Tammi & Lori decided that we had accomplished the goal of the day which was that we proved that my body is working and can actually dilate and progress, it just needed some help getting started. Next it was time for more “hurry up and wait.”

They left a little after 9 and we tried to relax after another day of thinking we were going to go to bed that night with a baby in our arms instead of in my stomach. Sure, my body could have continued to progress on its own throughout the night but it seems to be taking its sweet, precious time about things. We went to bed and I continued to have contractions throughout the night, some of which woke me up.

This morning, I’m having mild but regular contractions. I guess we’re supposed to go about our days again like nothing is different. Still here, still pregnant, as I have come to say as my mantra. I’ll probably spend as much time with my mom & sister as I can without boring them to death and Tim gets to go to work another day and get harassed by his co-workers as to WHY he is still not a dad. This is getting almost as frustrating for him as it is for me.

I realized I had been neglecting to do these the past few weeks —

  • Things I Like This Week: Anything that makes me have productive contractions. Strangers who don’t comment on how huge I am or that I must be having twins. Corn cake pancakes at IHOP.
  • Things I Don’t Like This Week: Swelling that make my legs & feet feel like stuffed sausages. The fact that approximately 5% of my clothes actually fit me.
  • What I Miss About Being Not Pregnant: I could write a wholly separate blog about this one alone. Having no concept of how much of a sham “due dates” are. Being able to shave my legs standing up in the shower.
  • What I Love(d) About Being Pregnant: The second trimester was nice.
    I’m running out of things to love about being pregnant. Even the ability to demand and eat whatever I want without guilt over amount or cost is losing its attraction.

Stay tuned for next weeks’ blog, when I will discuss filling out my application to Guinness for Longest Pregnancy Ever. In truth, I have a bit to go on that, as the current record is held by a woman who was pregnant for almost 54 weeks. I guess I can take solace in the little things…

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  1. .Bittersweet. permalink
    8 October 2007 08:58

    LOL @ mall Santa Claus! We would never allow that! Don’t worry, sweetie, soon we’ll be laughing about how you thought you’d have a shot at the Guinness world record. ;o) Love you! xoxo

  2. Marge permalink
    8 October 2007 15:24

    And if not by Xmas, you can try out for the role of Frosty the Snowman in Jan! Glad you’re maintaining a sense of humor (or it it irony?) Your body’s wisdom probably tells it that it needs to rest after all the hard work of yesterday, before the last big job ahead. At least that excuse will work for one more day. Hang on, remember, despite records, no one was ever pregnant forever!

  3. Grandpa Olson permalink
    8 October 2007 20:38

    It won’t be long now. All my best wishes and hopes to you, Lori. You and Tim will be great parents.

  4. 11 October 2007 14:50

    it won’t be long before you’ll be holding that little one. =)

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