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Life Comes at You Fast

10 November 2007

Before you get too worried, the short story is that everyone is fine.  The full story is that Keyven took his first trip to the ER this week, along with mom, Nana & Aunt Victoria!  On Thursday,  Victoria, Keyven and I headed to Independence.  After requisite stops for Sonic & sugar cookies, we went to the high school to pick up Nana for a trip to visit her mom, Keyven’s great-grandma.  On our way there, we were turning left off of a main four-lane road in town.  I had no clue what was coming until the sound of screeching tires, Victoria (driving) looking in her rear view mirror, saying, “Oh my gosh,” my mom (in the front passenger seat) starting to turn around… and then BAM! we got slammed from behind.  There was an initial moment of confusion and chaos as we tried to process what had just happened, Keyven started crying and we all tried to make sure everyone was okay.  Victoria was so flustered that she kept driving — she had taken her foot off the brake when she saw the truck coming so we were still rolling — and while my mom got her to stop, I pulled Keyven out of his seat to comfort him and check him out.  When he immediately started to try to nurse while I held him, I felt a little better.

Fast forward through the cops showing up & taking a report and witnesses stopping to help us — one lady said that when the pickup truck hit us, his back end came up off the ground — and we started to piece together what had happened.  The driver of the other vehicle (a full-sized GMC pickup truck) was a 15-year-old kid from my mom’s school with a visibly ticked off father who got there before the cops did.  The kid was passing a vehicle in the right lane and hadn’t looked to see if the coast was clear.  He saw us, stopped & signaling a left turn, just in time to slam on the brakes and slam in to us.  Thankfully between his braking and Victoria letting off her brakes, we escaped a much more serious accident.

By the time things were wrapping up, the adrenaline was wearing off and the pain was coming on.  We thought Keyven was okay but just to be safe, we decided to take him to the ER to get checked out.  While we were there, we all decided to get checked out as well.  A few hours later, Keyven had a clean bill of health, Nana and Aunt V. had “fun drug” prescriptions and I had received the, “Sorry you’re breastfeeding, try some Tylenol and see if it helps” speech.   We’ve all been pretty sore the past couple of days but it’s getting better.

The real kicker is that we were in G & G Olson’s mini-van (Dusty) when all this happened!  It might be time to replace his lucky bear statue.  Or maybe it worked after all.  Dusty is still driveable and “only” suffers a mashed bumper and severely dented hatchback.  Miraculously, the tail lights didn’t break and neither did the rear window.  Next week we’ll be hearing from the insurance company to get him all fixed up.

Let’s hope that our future adventures in Kansas don’t require medical attention!

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  1. .Bittersweet. permalink
    12 November 2007 11:27

    Ummm … yikes! Glad to hear all is well though. No more scary blogs, please! THANKS! =)


  2. 12 November 2007 15:04


    at least you all are okay! =)

  3. Lisa permalink
    12 November 2007 15:32

    Oh no! How scary to think it could have been so much worse. I’m glad you are all ok. Sorry you don’t get any “fun drugs.” 🙂

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