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Sooo Busy!

4 December 2007

You’d think that just chilling at Nana & Pops’ crib in Kansas with nothing much to see besides Wal-Mart and Sonic, I’d have tons of free time on my hands to write in the blog and take lots of photos and post them online. But the funny thing is, having a wee one is surprisingly time consuming! The formula for figuring out how much you can get done is something like this: take everything you want to do in one day and divide it in half. This is what you might be able to get done if you’re lucky. Now take the amount of time you think it’ll take you to get that half done and multiple it by four. That’s how long it will actually What Up Yotake if all goes well. But it never goes as planned, so add on extra time for: unexpectedly amazingly stinky diaper changes (at least one per day); fussy baby time right when you’re trying to make a phone call or send an e-mail, which results in a delay of up to a day because you’ll forget what you were doing and not remember until the next day… umm, make that for sentences, too, since it has now taken me four attempts to write this blog over the course of two days… oh, and on those days when there is a growth spurt in the works, you can count on not getting much done unless you can do it on the couch or wearing a baby.

So what have we been up to? While Tim-daddy is training down at Fort Bragg, Keyven and I have been continuing to settle in here. Everything is finally unpacked and our room/nursery is starting to look less like tornado alley and more like a bedroom. I have determined that my desktop computer is not worth fixing and invested instead in a new laptop. Dusty is heading to the shop this week to get fixed up. I’m in the middle of enrolling in classes for next semester. Plane ticket to Arlington for the holidays has been booked. I’ve scoped out a gym and a trainer to whip me back in shape when I return. Wishlists are being written and shared, shopping is being procrastinated. Holiday plans are being put together both here and abroad. And we’re still tackling the never-ending of “to do” items that must be addressed before Tim’s deployment.

In more fun and much more interesting news… Keyven is well in to the baby smiles. I tBaby Smilehink those happen right about the time when first-time parents start to wonder if their baby will do anything but poop, eat, sleep and cry. Baby smiles are a little reward to get you excited about all the amazing and funny things you have to look forward to. And to make you forget (at least for a little while) all the frustrating, seemingly never-ending not-so-fun-phases that will inevitably accompany them. These little smiles could melt polar ice caps, which, with the growing population, could be the real explanation for global warming. My favorite ones are when he sees himself in the mirror of his play gym and starts giggling and smiling.

It has been happening more and more but this week, he has really started grabbing things around him with more (seeming) purpose. In his floor gym and swing chair, his flailing arms hit targets more often, giving him a chance to grab on and smile at his hands in amazement. Sooo BigWhen he nurses, he has started grabbing my hair and clothes. And now, he has figured out that a little massage helps things along when he’s especially hungry, so he started holding on to me like a bottle and squeezing.

He’s adjusting well to bath time — screaming only occurs when his head gets wet, but we’re working on that. Diaper-changing is no longer a “wailing required” activity and sometimes even coincides with happy baby time! This pic is of him “standing up” and holding his head up by himself, a feat just accomplished last night. It was pretty exhausting because that is one big noggin to lift. He is still the squirmiest, most hiccuping kid I’ve ever seen (just like in the belly) and his stretches and yawns must be seen in person to truly appreciate the gusto with which he executes them. Every day is a new adventure and I can’t think of a better way to be completely monopolized than by my new little man.

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  1. 5 December 2007 14:32

    You guys sound so awesome!!!

  2. Marge permalink
    5 December 2007 20:41

    Now you’ve discovered the secret that all mothers learn: everytime you’re about to go crazy, the little one displays a brand new, totally captivating antic, and you’re completely enchanted again!

  3. Grandpa Olson permalink
    5 December 2007 21:33

    What a wonderful smile! I’m so glad we’ll be seeing Keyven, and you and Tim, in a few weeks.

    You’re going through a lot right now. Having a baby and coming into that situation of 24/7 responsibility is a HUGE life change, much bigger than getting married. Plus you’ve just made a major move, one of life’s real bummers, even when it’s clearly for the best. Plus Tim is going away, with the anxieties involved in that, the missing him, and the experience you must be having of your lives veering off in such different directions for a time, with Tim inevitably preoccupied with his 16 hours a day training and the mission ahead, and you just as fully preoccupied with Keyven.

    Given all that, I think you guys are doing great. You, for sure, are emerging as a wonderful, loving mom.

  4. .Bittersweet. permalink
    6 December 2007 14:21

    I can’t WAIT to see you guys. I miss you WAY too much. Much love and safe travels until you reach your holiday destination safely.


  5. szdcps82 permalink
    7 December 2007 18:08

    so, i’m taking development in school right now. you should let your ninja in training know that developmentally, holding one’s head up by one’s self proceeds nunchucks. just in case he gets any ideas. :p

  6. 9 December 2007 15:39

    I will pass those words of wisdom on to Sensei Keyven. 🙂 Even though I’m having lots of fun with this little guy every day, we miss our VA people bunches & can’t wait to see everyone at Christmas!

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