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The “Birth” of Great New Sites!

5 December 2007

I have to put a plug in for a couple of recent developments in homebirth partnerships & websites. And not just because they feature pictures of a very pregnant me!

First of all, the assistant at our birth, Lori, has recently been awarded her midwife certification. We are really proud of her. It’s neat to know that we were a part of her journey to becoming a midwife and we’re very thankful for all her wisdom and help. In more news, she and Tammi just announced that they will be going in to partnership together. Visit their new (and still growing) site at Traditional Midwifery of Northern Virginia. You can see me in their site video, at one of my prenatal checkups… and pics of our blog & birth buddies, Jenni & Henri, too!

Another growing site for local homebirth resources is the Northern Virginia Homebirth Community. My pic is (appropriately enough given the outcome of our birth) under the “Safety” page and is of me and the birth team doing an exam at home while I was in labor.

Even though we ultimately didn’t get our homebirth as we planned, if we ever decide to do it again, we’ll go the same route. I am as much a proponent of homebirth as I ever was — maybe even moreso now having experience the hospital side of things. I hope you enjoy checking out the resources and information and if you ever have any questions about homebirth (or how it compares to the hospital), please ask! If I don’t know the answer, I can find you someone who does.

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  1. 7 December 2007 12:26

    You are so sweet!!!

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