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Surprise, Surprise…

6 December 2007

It will come as no great shock to those who know me best that, in the spirit of the way I’ve lived my life thus far and plan to continue living it until… well, until the day I die, my child-rearing choices reflect my own personal feelings, intuition and research.  There are certainly families out there who are far more “crunchy granola” than I am, but I definitely fall well outside the “traditional” camp as well.  I don’t subscribe wholly to one method of doing things.  I’m doing what I find comfortable and natural for me and for Keyven.

This doesn’t go over well with some people.  I have been questioned by family, friends, and perfect strangers about some of the things I do.  I appreciate the concern.  Really.  I even welcome discussions about the pros and cons of what I’m doing.  So long as such conversations are held with open-minded people willing to concede that there is more than one way to do things.  They may even find themselves realizing that it is perfectly feasible that my child may turn out *gasp* normal if I continue these methods.

I plan on blogging about some of these topics because I realize that the people who are most open-minded may not want to seem nosy or rude by asking questions… and those who are most close-minded don’t ask questions, they just make unfounded statements about their own beliefs without considering the alternatives.  I hope what I write will inspire people, at least, to become more educated and open-minded and, at best, to find something they can use in their own lives.   And if neither of those is the case, I hope you are at least entertained by my adventures in baby-raising.

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  1. 6 December 2007 14:51

    =) YOu know I can’t wait to read all about your adventures!! =)

  2. Jessica permalink
    6 December 2007 23:18

    Dude, as we have no kids yet- whatever you decide to divulge, will be educational for us, even if it’s something that doesnt work. Being a non parent I promise to reserve judgement. 🙂 Besides in the spirit of Jenni above; it’s been great to keep up with you guys this way.

  3. 7 December 2007 12:27

    I can’t wait to hear! You go, girl!

  4. 9 December 2007 15:38

    Thanks for the supportive words. 🙂 I’m the first to admit if I screw up or something I’m doing doesn’t work, so you’ll get to hear all about my adventures with brutal honesty!

  5. Grandpa Olson permalink
    12 December 2007 13:15

    Marge and I did co-sleeping (it’s wonderful), extensive baby carrying, and long term breast feeding, which were all the exact opposite of what our own parents did. So you won’t get any lip from us on these things.

    Because we lived apart from our parents, there wasn’t much interaction with them about such baby-raising issues. Where they started to give us a hard time (or, rather, the fathers did) was on later child raising. We tried to set down clear and very firm limits on “bad behavior,” but they were wide limits. We tolerated a lot of roudy “boy behavior.” We also encouraged Tim and Jody to make their own decisions in many areas as soon as that seemed workable (but we often gave them a choice between options that were all acceptable to us – a wonderful trick we highly recommend). Our fathers were from families where children were expected to be “seen but not heard,” and Tim and Jody were “heard” a lot more than they thought was right. But Tim and Jody have both grown up to be independent minded, highly principled men who are being devoted dads themselves, so I’m glad we stuck with what we believed in – as you’re obviously determined to do. As long as you stay open to the lessons of experience, following your own best judgment is the most responsible path.

  6. 15 February 2008 21:06

    I love this post. There is not always a right and wrong way to do things and that includes (but is not limited to) labor/birth, childrearing, etc. I’m not very “crunchy” as some people say but I am probably on the edge of normal… I don’t know, maybe our homebirth pushed us over the edge. 🙂

  7. 15 February 2008 22:10

    I never considered myself “crunchy” either… but the more I find out, the more it resonates with me. And, to be fair, not ALL the crunchy stuff resonates with me, but I do what I feel is best for our family… and really, what more could we be asked to do?

    I think the natural/homebirth/semi-crunchy stuff will become more mainstream as more mamas like us join the ranks and prove that you don’t have to be some wacky hippie to do it… and that your kids will turn out just fine.

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