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Keyven’s First Boo-Boo

3 January 2008

One of Keyven’s latest ever-growing habits is grabbing. He’s starting to figure out that those little flailing appendages belong to him and that occasionally he is able to make them do his bidding. Most frequently, this occurs during nursing when he squeezes and pushes on me in an effort to “milk” me faster. It was cute and endearing until I let him go too long without a fingernail trim.

Any parent can tell you the perils of infant nail trimming. First of all, the nails are so tiny and thin you can barely see them. Keyven’s First Boo-BooSecond, you can’t do the trimming while they’re awake because, well, you’ll find out why if you keep reading. And you always forget to do it while they’re sleeping because they’re so darn cute when they’re asleep (and not scratching you).

During a nursing session earlier this week, I had succeeded in trimming the nails on one of his hands. This was only possible due to a “milk coma” — our phrase for that semi-sleepy blissful baby face that Keyven slips in to when he’s good and full. Now I just needed to get him to hold still long enough to finish the other one. My first mistake was thinking that I could do it as easily as the first. My second mistake was lining up his little thumbnail right when the dogs were in the middle of a play wrestling match that turned vicious over an imaginary scrap of food right when I went to clip… and instead of stopping what I was doing, I clipped.

Dogs were barking and growling, Keyven started crying. Thinking it was the loud noises that scared him, I tried to calm him down and he went right back to nursing. A couple minutes later, he started wailing.  I looked down to see blood… on his finger, on my shirt, on his shirt.  I nipped the tip of his thumb pretty good.  I felt awful.  I chopped off part of my baby’s finger.  I suck.

Luckily, Tim-daddy was there to save the day.  He swooped Keyven out of my arms and held him the way Keyven likes — back to tummy — and bounced him around singing to him.  When that didn’t totally do the trick, he started sucking on Keyven’s (still bleeding) thumb.  It was instant relief for the little bambino.  I was totally impressed at the stellar display of daddy instinct.  As it turned out, Keyven forgave me enough to resume nursing shortly thereafter so I’m no longer the worst mother on the planet — but I still haven’t gotten the nerve up to finish trimming those nails.

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  1. 5 January 2008 17:41

    Poor, momma. It happens to all of us. 🙂 Tammi

  2. 10 January 2008 10:48

    After he left scratch marks on my boob, I finally had to conquer my fear and clip them again on his next nap! It’s cruel that those little nails grow so fast — why can’t mine grow like that?

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