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Edward Slobberhands

18 January 2008

What a week! Keyven turned three (months) on Monday, Pops had a major accident at work on Tuesday (I’ll get to that in another post), and classes started today at the college I’ll be “attending” this semester. All of my classes are online, so it will be a feat of self-discipline to keep up with them if things keep going the way they are right now.

Keyven’s developments over the past month or so were made even more evident when we returned home to the same toys and things that held little or no interest for him before we left. He now actually plays with the toys on his gym IMG_2583and stares and chatters at himself in the mirror. The day after he noticed the lights on his aquarium swing set, I put him in it again and he looked up for the lights before I even turned it on! He turns his head towards noises and notices people when they come in and leave the room. We also picked up some Baby Einstein videos on vacation and he adores watching those — if you’ve never seen one before, they are quite a trip. He can hold his head up on his own now and even goes for limited stretches in his new BebePod chair.

I mentioned his “grabbiness” before but it reaches new levels every day. Towards the end of our trip in Virginia, we would catch him looking at his hands intently and moving them around, as if his brain was going, “Ohhhh… I actually have control over these little things that have been bopping me in tIMG_2589he head for weeks now.” Now he reaches for things on purpose, gives me a very thorough massage every time we nurse, and has even discovered… his mouth.

Every once in a while, when I’m not paying attention I’ll hear this very distinctive slurping noise. Sure enough, there is Mister K with at least part of one fist in his mouth. It started off as using one arm to maneuver the other hand in the general vicinity of the mouth, topped off by a valiant shove to get it in the right spot. It was hit or miss at best. Now, he has progressed to just shoving both of his fists towards his mouth simultaneously, slobbering profusely with a manic little gleam in his eye.

It’s probably a hopeless campaign, but I am trying to distract him whenever I catch him sucking on his hands. You can take away toys and pacifiers. You can’t take away hands. Some days he’s fine. Other days, he’s sucking on everything in range of his slobbery little face… toys, my hands, the wrap, stuffed animals, his hands, his clothes. On those days, no amount of distraction will do. One of those went like this:

Keyven sat on the couch in his Boppy while I IMG_2575worked on the computer next to him. We were “talking” — he chatters at me and I make up things to say back to him as if we were having a real conversation (one of mommy’s favorite games even though I have looked insane to strangers while doing it). Suddenly, his talking was replaced by slobbery gurgles. When I catch him, I say (in a mock-startled voice), “What do you think you’re doing?” Sometimes he giggles but mostly he gives me an ornery smile like he knows he’s doing something he shouldn’t be. I have a feeling I will get to know that smile very well in the next few years.

IMG_2577I figured that since he has been so busy with his hands, maybe he just needs something to do with them other than putting them in his mouth. So I grabbed one of his favorite toys from his play gym — Miss Ladybug — and handed it to him. He was actually much happier about it than he appeared to be in this picture. I went back to typing and he resumed chatting with me.

IMG_2578This lasted all of about two minutes until I noticed that his voice became muffled by something. And my theory that he just needs to keep his hands busy is blown out of the water and replaced by the obvious fact that he needs to keep his mouth busy instead.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. szdcps82 permalink
    18 January 2008 13:50

    i think mr. k is in the “oral stage.” the pictures are too cute!

  2. 18 January 2008 18:47

    ROFL!!! What a cutey – and can’t wait to hear about your classes. 🙂

  3. Marge permalink
    18 January 2008 19:53

    ‘Doggy bro’ Tyson says: “I want a Captain Drool shirt too! I’m the original Captain Drool!”

  4. 20 January 2008 18:37

    Yes, I find it very suspicious that Keyven developed this drool habit after spending so much time with Tyson… hmmm…

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