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The Days Will Drag, But the Weeks Will Fly!

12 February 2008

… that’s a favorite saying of the military, especially during boot camp or deployments. And it couldn’t be any more apt a description of this past month and a half. Lately, I fall into bed at night, taking inventory of how much I got done that day and making a mental list of everything I need to do the next day. Just when I think I’ve got it all done or I’ll have an “easy” day, something or someone (usually Keyven-induced or -related) will come along and blow my schedule out of the water. That blog I’ve been meaning to write? Out of date by the time I find five minutes to start it. Those photos I’ve been trying to get uploaded to a new hosting site? Yeah, right. Letters to Tim? Quick notes by e-mail and the occasional care package will have to do. Keeping up with friends? I wish. So, besides the obvious, what on earth could possibly be keeping me so occupied?

IMG_2388Well, the biggest happening here involved Keyven’s favorite couch-nap buddy, Pops. About a month ago, we rushed to the hospital in Independence after getting a call from Nana that there had been an accident at work. Normally, Pops’ job is pretty safe. He manages computer systems and does IT work for a large grain company. But this day he was in Indy, training a new manager at the grain elevator there. He was climbing down from the top of a rail car when the handle he was holding broke and he fell backwards about fifteen feet. In case you don’t know, the margin for error between rail cars is non-existent. Somehow he managed to make it to the ground without hitting his neck or head on anything. He did catch a stair landing with his back and side before landing on the rails and rolling to the ground. After lots of scans, x-rays and checking up, it was determined that he had broken some ribs and his left shoulder blade in several places. We had him transferred to the hospital in Parsons and he spent five days there on heavy pain meds and muscle relaxers. He came home on oral morphine and with a sling to help him immobilize his arm and shoulder, but thankfully didn’t have to have surgery. Since then, we’ve been through a bout of mild pneumonia, morphine withdrawals and lots of reminding him to not do things he thinks he can get away with doing. He’s back at work part-time now and, with some assistance and pillows for propping, got to start snuggling with Keyven again.

We don’t hear from Tim-daddy as often as we’d like, but he has started getting our care packages and he gets to call about once a week. E-mail access is more limited than we hoped for; he’s stuck going to an Internet cafe and can’t download things to his laptop. He is doing well, keeping busy and (he says) missing us lots. This weekend they helped run a free medical clinic in a nearby village. Arabic-speaking doctors are brought in to treat the local families and the Army helps coordinate the effort. They saw 340 people in just six hours! Those kind of missions are the reason that he is passionate about being over there.

In late January, I started classes at a local community college. I’m going full-time, taking nine hours online and three hours in-class. So far, so good. I’m hoping for straight A’s but sometimes it feels like I’m barely able to keep up with all the homework in the midst of naps, nursing and baby entertaining. IMG_2613 My system of scheduling and organization works well though, and Victoria helps by watching Keyven while I attend my on-campus class three hours a week. After class on those days, we do another baby switcher00 and hit the gym together. Victoria goes first while I drive around attempting to induce some “nap-mobile” sleep. Then I go while Victoria entertains the often not-sleeping little booger. By the time we have lunch and run errands afterwards, it’s usually afternoon play time, then dinner, then homework and bedtime with some baby play and lots of nursing jammed in there, too.

Some days I feel like I barely have time to go pee by myself, much less take a shower or have any “me” time. I hate to admit it but on those days, I inevitably use a trip to Wal-Mart to get some space. If I time it right, Keyven will be ready for a nap and fall asleep on the way there so I can put his car seat in the cart and wander the store aimlessly until I get bored or he wakes up. The waking up is not so much due to being ready to wake up as it is a result of the screaming idiots on the PA system. I’ve even called the store and asked them to turn it down. Most of the time, I just cringe and silently (or out loud) curse the idiot who thinks that everyone in the store, including the deaf, need to be told that there is a stock shipment waiting at the loading dock for the housewares department. One of these days, I’m IMG_2621going to get the nerve to find a phone there and make my own announcement. I wish the weather here was warmer more consistently so I could take walks with him instead. I guess for now I should be thankful that I can do this with him still in a “bucket” instead of one of those non-removable car seats. And that’s pretty much how my week goes. Sometimes I daydream about having a chip implanted in my head that types and sends blogs and e-mails for me, for those times when I’m thinking of everything I need to do and don’t have the hands to do it.

And now, blogging somewhat complete after five hours back and forth to the keyboard… I’m going to Wal-Mart.

Photos, Top to Bottom: Pops and Keyven snuggled up for a nap (pre-accident); Aunt Victoria and SuperBaby; even mommies need new haircuts!

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Hollie Journey permalink
    12 February 2008 21:19

    Cute haircut! You’re one hot mama!

  2. 12 February 2008 22:36

    You look AWESOME!

    You hang in there with school, etc. Sounds like your family is such a blessing. Yay. And that Keyven is a lovey.

    Let us know about any care packages for Tim. Love, Tammi

  3. Sarah permalink
    13 February 2008 17:03

    cute haircut! i ❤ the short hair.

  4. Auntie Lynn permalink
    13 February 2008 17:29

    I love that haircut u look fab. Did you get my email about Mississippi work and Mardi Gras?
    You sound soooo busy. Your schedule makes me tired just reading it. Can’t believe all the hours you are taking. You must have a sponge for a brain… and I hear, fortunately you do. I miss you, Tim and Keyven so much. My God
    that little boy is growing!!! Is he gonna be the next 30 lb one yr old in the family?? Thanks for your blog and darling pictures. Love ya.

  5. 14 February 2008 22:43

    Thanks for the compliments! 🙂 I chopped some of it before the holidays but it really wasn’t the look I was going for, so I took the plunge and took off some more! I love it.

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