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Happy Keyven’s Four Month B-day (and that other day, too)

14 February 2008

Four months. It really doesn’t seem like it has been that long. He’s still so little birthdayand yet when I look back at his baby pics, I can’t believe how much he has grown already! We weighed and measured him today and he came in at a whopping 26 inches long and 15.25 pounds. Every day now is something new, which is both fun and challenging. But his little grins and looks make it worth every minute.

No longer a bow-legged little bambino, Mr. K is the king of baby-standing. He started doing it around two months before he could really even hold his head up, fully supporting his own weight with only a little helIMG_2615p in the balance department. It was funny to watch him push himself up like a little rocket and wobble there until his legs couldn’t take anymore. Lately, all he wants to is pop up and observe the world from a higher vantage point. He did his first unassisted roll-over a few weeks ago, both back to front and front to back. Lately, he hasn’t done it because he gets pretty mad about laying down unless it’s to sleep or to nurse. He gets super-frustrated that he can’t go anywhere! So, as soon as he figures out how to combine pushing himself up with getting his legs going, the baby-proofing will begin.

In his ever-growing grabbiness, he can now purposely pick up things, which is cute and scary at the same time. Sitting in laps at dinner is no longer safe… anything in arm’s reach is fair game. His favorite toys, though, are still other people’s hands. He likes to grab a finger or two and jerk the attached hand/arm/body all over the place with a grip hard enough to make you grimace. harleybabyHe has started sucking on his own hands more and displays a distinct preference for his right thumb but sometimes only the simultaneous cramming of both fists will do. Today during an attempted nap, his two favorite activities came together in one form. I was laying next to him with my hand on his chest, trying to convince him that we really wanted to take a nap. He had been sucking on his hands (or biscuit hooks, as I like to call them) when he picked up my fingers with his slobbery little mitts. He started staring intently at my index finger and I watched his little mouth opening as he pulled it to his face. He sucked for a bit. Pulled out my finger and stared at it some more. Back to the mouth. Confused sucking. Back out, staring at it. This went on for a few more rounds before he decided it wasn’t really what he wanted and he went back to his thumb. You could see him thinking to himself, “Hmm… this tastes like mom, but something isn’t quite right…”

I really enjoy “wearing” Keyven and have done so pretty much non-stop since I figured it out around Thanksgiving time. Keyven has not been a “lay me down IMG_2611and leave me alone” baby and I am not a “let him cry it out” mommy, so babywearing has been a great bonding tool and a great sanity saver for me. I think some babies just have a higher-maintenance personality and some of them need more holding and attention than other babies. I knew that, when he was ready, he would start letting me put him down more and more, and that has proved to be true. We have now graduated to one (pretty short) nap during the day by himself and going to bed a few hours before mom (not counting sickness or being out late, which has been the case the past couple of nights). I’m really happy with the way things are progressing and I wouldn’t change the way things have gone for anything. Babies are only babies for so long… I don’t see the big deal about making them “independent” so early and getting life all regimented and scheduled down to 15-minute increments.

Of course, any semblance of a routine has been obliterated by me being sick this week. And it shows no signs of going away. I think it’s because I’m giving all my antibodies to Keyven, because he’s not getting sick at all. I guess if I had to choose, this is the way I’d do it. Well, if I had to choose, no one would get sick. We had to cancel a trip to Olathe to visit MTB (Marci, Toby, Braxton) and the gang. I haven’t been to the gym all week. And there has been no such thing as early bed time because I’m too exhausted to keep up the drill of putting him down and going in every 30 minutes to get him re-settled. I never, ever do this, but a trip to the doctor may be in order tomorrow to make sure I’m not getting/don’t have strep. 😦

IMG_2450And, as for it being “that other day”… well, we got presents from Nana, hang-out time with Aunt Victoria (and one of her gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries), a nice phone call from Tim-Daddy (compliments of the American Legion, who paid for all the troops’ phone calls today), and steak and lobster dinner from Pops. Plus, Keyven got to wear his “Future Mr. Right” shirt, which was a hit with the ladies. Not too shabby for my second (out of three) holidays of this sort without Tim. But I have the next best thing to having him here. My own little snuggly Valentine.

Photos, Top to Bottom: The original b-day photo — look how far we’ve come!; Working on those crawling muscles; Harley baby, ready to ride; our first outward-facing carry during a phone call with Tim-daddy that resulted in a baby passing out in my hand!; Snuggling with my papoose, pre-haircut.

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  1. 15 February 2008 07:09

    LOVE the pix! Braeden was a wearing kind of guy – still is very touchy, cuddly at 7.5 yo (today!).

    You crack me up with wearing him and on the phone – we have to be such multi-taskers!

    Love, Tammi

  2. Jes (ASIL- almost sister-in-law) permalink
    15 February 2008 11:31

    Happy Birthday Little Man! Feel better Lori. It sucks to be sick. Glad you had a nice dinner on “that day.” LOVE the haircut BTW!

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