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The Aftermath of Flu Fest 2008

19 February 2008

For a while there, it looked pretty nasty… Victoria and I took turns being sick for an entire week straight.  She started last Sunday, I took over mid-week, and just when I started feeling better Sunday, she went back down again with fevers and chest congestion.  Along the way, Pops seemed to fair well.  Nana got the sniffles and is now hacking like a 70-year-old emphysema patient.  Keyven has weathered it all with only an occasional cough.  Hopefully that will be our flu bout for the season, ‘cuz I don’t want any more of it. 

IMG_2631Nana, Pops & Victoria did a phenomenal job of taking over baby duty for me while I was in the thick of it.  The ER doctor said that I shouldn’t be in contact with him as long as I was still running fevers.  I could give him breastmilk, but it had to be by bottle and not “from the tap” so to speak. 

Since I knew I’d be pumping for at least 24 hours, I decided to break out the heavy equipment.  I rented a hospital-grade pump.  I have a small electric one but it’s for “occasional” use only because it isn’t really strong or effective enough for frequent or exclusive-pump use.  I had to call four different hospitals before I found one in Joplin, about an hour and a half away.  My brother, Matt, and his wife, Angie, were kind enough to make the delivery for me since Keyven was on a field trip with Nana & Pops to Fayetteville for the evening and Victoria was at work. 

After they dropped it off and we chatted for a bit, I felt another fever coming on, so I hurried to set up the pump and take care of business so I could fall in to a bre_lactina_electric_msweaty, non-engorged sleep.  Except I seemed to be missed a very important part — the pumping piston.  Yes, it has a piston.  It’s THAT big of a pump.  It’s so big, I can pump both sides at once.  *insert witty dairy cow joke here and then shut up before I spray you*  Thinking I was just delusional, I searched high and low, ripping apart packaging and re-reading directions.  Nope.  Part.  Missing. 

Desperate, I called the hospital and reached an after hours answering service for the equipment rental section.  The lady who answered sounded like Helga the Gatekeeper.  She seemed thoroughly under-whelmed by my explanation of why I couldn’t wait until the next morning to speak with someone.  It appeared that it would take more than a measly sob story to get her to page the nurse on call.  No, this was going to require tears and a plea to help my baby.   I just started blubbering.  All the frustration of being sick and alone and not having Keyven or Tim with me came flowing out through the phone.   I think there was even something in there about exploding boobs and starving babies.  Soon, I heard a click.  Just when I thought she had hung up on me, a very cheery nurse came on the line.  I told her what happened (in a semi-normal tone, not counting the sound of my raspy vocal chords grating against one another), why I needed this so badly, and she offered to bring a part over the same night!

While I was battling through another fever and waiting for the part (which did arrive, about two hours later), Keyven was visiting Arkansas for the first time.  He took a trip with Nana and Pops to an indoor track meet they were invited to go see at the University of Arkansas.   Although the crowd noise and starting guns took a little getting used to, he adjusted well enough to have a nap and then go for a walk around the arena in his new ring sling, worn (for her first time!) by Nana. 

Fast-forward to Saturday night.  It had been 12 hours since my last fever and although I didn’t feel great, I was feeling much better than I had been.  And I missed Keyven like crazy.  Hearing him giggle and chatter with everyone else smileswas just killing me.  So, I went to go see him.  He was enjoying some tummy time on Nana’s lap when I told him that I was ready to take him back.  The look on his face made being sick without him worth every minute. 

It’ll still take getting through this week before I will allow myself to breathe a sigh of relief over him not getting sick… but every day is better!  We hope everyone is staying well, washing your hands and taking your Vitamin C!  Thanks for all the happy thoughts and well-wishes while I was sick.  🙂 

Photos, Top to Bottom: Hanging with the Ladies — Aunt Angie (left) and Aunt Victoria; Dairy Farm in a Box; Yay! Mommy is back!

6 Comments leave one →
  1. tammimidwife permalink
    19 February 2008 23:20

    Glad to hear things are better – hate when breasts full of milk explode – lol!

  2. Jes (ASIL- almost sister-in-law) permalink
    20 February 2008 11:14

    So glad to hear you’re better and back with your little man. Enjoy Gramma Olson’s visit-wish I could be there too!

  3. szdcps82 permalink
    20 February 2008 20:09

    yay! mommy is back! drool drool.

  4. 21 February 2008 19:46

    so glad you’re in the aftermath rather than still in the thick of it. I’ve had you on my mind, but , as I’ve been busy tending to the flu dudes in my house (thankfully the older dudes, not the babe!) i’ve had my hands full. I had a laugh or two about the (once again) similarities of our lives at this moment..

    better to laugh than to cry, right? lol

    feel better mamma! and hug that little guy for us when you can.

  5. 28 February 2008 22:20

    Jenni, I hope your clan is better now! So glad to hear that Henri cleared it. Aren’t milk antibodies just the most amazing thing? Better than a flu shot!

    Unfortunately (or not), my boobs have not been exploding this week. Being sick really took a hit on my supply, and right in the middle of a growth spurt, too! Things are finally starting to even back out. Whew… this kid’s an eater!

  6. 29 February 2008 17:53

    we’re all well now, thankfully!!! I was shocked that Henri and I fared better than the rest! got milk! YAY! lol

    growth spurts here too… and I think that teeth growing counts! Good luck with that! LOL

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