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Missing March

27 March 2008

Has anyone seen the last month?  I think I misplaced it.  Surely it has not been a whole month since the last time I managed to get a blog up.  I think I’m going to get my blog license revoked at this rate. 

Let’s see… what has been going on…

Spring Break came and went with a fizzle (and lots of drizzle).  Our trip to Des Moines to visit Amanda, Ben & Bump (her version of Blueberry) was cut short by a series of unfortunate events.  Our Aunt Tawyna (dad’s SIL) died on Saturday, March 15, as a result of injuries from a car accident earlier that day.  The funeral was on Tuesday, so we had to hit the road fast and head back.  Had car trouble on the way, hitched a ride from some family in Olathe to Ava, MO, IMG_0036 and then headed back to Parsons on Wednesday.  Keyven was a little road warrior.  He slept every time we were in the car.  We logged a total of about 18 hours of car time in five consecutive days.  Easter Sunday, the bunny came to visit Keyven.  The rest of my day was craptacularly depressing as I moped about our first major holiday without Tim and just generally felt sorry for myself. 

In good news, we learned that Tim-daddy will be leaving to come see us on or about May 30.  100_0758Double-good because not only will we get to fly to Virginia to see him for two whole weeks, but it means he’ll get to be in Jody and Jes’ wedding.  We also got some pics (finally) from him, which I am awaiting permission to upload in to public albums to share with everyone.  In the meantime, here’s one of my faves from his training time. 

IMG_2736Keyven lights up my world and amazes me every day.  He is a happy, healthy, wonderful little boy and I’m so blessed to be his mommy.  We endured a growth spurt that I thought would never end, some really bad sleeping patterns, and even went through a phase of worrying that he might have silent reflux.  But the growth spurt passed, we’re getting better at sleep, and although I still think silent reflux may have been the culprit for some of our problems, it has gotten better and I think we’ll make it without medication.  We have our ups and downs but overall I wouldn’t trade being a mom for the world. 

Since the last blog, he has continued to master his rolling IMG_0033skills.  He can turn on his stomach, roll front to back and back to front, “inchworm” on his tummy and “crabwalk” on his back.  Once he figures out the real crawling, the babyproofing will begin.  Nana doesn’t think she needs to start yet.  Then, one day, we heard a clatter in the living room and found Keyven playing with her nautical decor next to his play mat (he had been in the middle of the play mat previously).   I think he scared himself so maybe that won’t happen again for a little while (yeah, right!).   There are some great crawling practice pictures in the March Picasa album.  I didn’t sort much this month so pretty much every shot I took got uploaded.    In our room, when he’s playing on the floor, he enjoys getting under the bed (I don’t know how he does it; it’s always when I’m not looking).  Then he jabbers and giggles about it. 


We have also gone through new phases of vocalization.  This started shortly after Grandma left.  He would just squeal and squeak at the top of his lungs.  We call it talking to the dolphins.  He usually does it while giggling or with a huge grin on his face.  I guess he’s just so impressed with himself for producing these great noises.  That went away and then we entered a phase of little short sounds like “ha” and “da.”  I swear he’s talking to us.  You can carry on an entire conversation with him and he’ll tell you all about things.  Suddenly, the squeals returned, now mixed with the nonsense words.  Oh, and we’ve added gurgling to the mix as well.  

Perhaps the most exciting and newsworthy development of all, though, is the start of solid food.  I have been pretty adamant about sticking with the six month mark.  It’s recommended by the AAP, the WHO (the organization, not the band) and pretty much every doctor worth his or her salt.  Gone are the days of babies sent home from the hospital on cereal because they were “too hungry” to be satisfied by milk or formula (I was one of those).  IMG_2697 Now, to be completely honest, Keyven has had a few nibbles here and there.  His first taste of real food was whipped cream on his paci on my birthday (his two month b-day).  And I’ve wiped his paci with avocado, banana, and other tasty tidbits occasionally since then.  In the last month, though, his interest in what other people were putting in their mouths grew exponentially.  Holding him during meals was no longer safe.   When, at the deli with Nana, I let him put a pickle to his mouth to see his reaction and he grabbed the pickle AND her hand and would not let go of either, I thought it might be about time to test him on other (more nutritious, less salty) things.

Last week we tried out some rice cereal.  IMG_0006He wasn’t too sure about the flavor (or lack thereof) but when mixed with pureed fruits or veggies, it’s a hit.  He had the shortest learning curve of any baby I’ve seen.  We went from a complete and total mealtime mess — this pic is from his second attempt at eating — to a little messy face and bib.  He quickly figured out that “helping” me feed him actually slows down the eating process.  Now, he’s so cute sitting in his chair waiting for food.   He will grab the sides of tray and lean forward with his mouth open before I even put a spoon up.  Lean back.  Chomp, chomp.  Lean forward, mouth wide open.  No need for playing “airplane” or saying “ahhh!” here!  Of course, we’re still breastfeeding just as much and will be for quite a while.  But this is a fun new adventure, and now he is much happier at family mealtimes since he gets to participate instead of watching the rest of us chow down!

Photos, Top to Bottom: The Easter Bunny came!; Tim-Daddy in training; my little man in his hoodie; sometimes getting in to stuff isn’t so much fun!; what’s really hiding under your bed?; let the pickle addiction begin; fun with food. 

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Sarah permalink
    28 March 2008 13:36

    i ❤ the pictures with the orange shorts and leggings. beyond adorable!

  2. 28 March 2008 19:03

    Thanks 🙂 That’s one of his gDiapers and his stripey BabyLegs. I think they’re the cutest ever. You should see his argyle ones! I’ll get a shot sometime.

  3. 29 March 2008 15:44

    hee hee.. i see you identified the legs already!

    too cute~

  4. Auntie Lynn permalink
    31 March 2008 02:57

    Keyven is a real character, isn’t he? Love the hiding under the bed and giggling. I did that once in college when I got drunk. Hid under the bed and laughed till I nearly cried. And of course, my friends found me.
    And now you know … the rest of the story!!!

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