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Big Poopin’

28 March 2008

This is how I know I’m a mom… I get excited about bodily functions now. Yes, one of the joys of parenthood is that you can carry on a good half-hour conversation about poop and pee — with a straight face. It’s a fascinating, complex subject. littlegThere’s frequency, amount, color, smell, consistency. You can debate the pros and cons of of cloth vs. disposables ’til the cows come home. Then you’ve got your war stories: public embarrassment, middle of the night blowouts; for parents of boys there are the times you left Mr. Happy pointed straight up in the diaper and got peed on, and the times you got peed on while changing the diaper. And once that’s all under control, you get to start on potty training.

We are in a very slow process of diaper evolution. Before he was born, Tim and I decided we’d like to do gDiapers and try out EC’ing. Real life intervened — c-section recovery, moving, getting settled, and not having someone to help me with my *ahem* diapering choices put a damper on those lofty goals real quick. But I have not abandoned all hope.

We’ve got a starter stock of gDiapers. Keyven is wearing one in these pics. They are basically a cloth outer, a snap-in waterproof liner, and a disposable insert that can be composted (pee ones only), flushed or thrown away and will disintegrate in about 50 – 150 days. Thanks to the gDiaper Yahoo Group and Jenni, I have a good grasp of not only using gDiapers as they are intended to be used by the manufacturer, but also of using cloth inserts with them!

Yes, I have dallied in the dark side of cloth diapering. I gotta say, I’m not a huge fan of the extra work. And, I don’t care how other crunchy folks justify it, it *is* extra work to me. I don’t mind disposable diapers in practice — Keyven never modelbaby gets rashes, leaks are rare, and they’re easy. What I do mind is having a guilty conscience every time I go to buy more and think of how many bags of dirty diapers will be sitting in a landfill for the next 500 years (that’s not an exaggeration, unfortunately) because of my laziness. Taking care of dirty cloth diapers ain’t such a big deal. Did you know that, technically (even according to the manufacturers) and legally you are supposed to scrape excess poop off of disposable diapers in to the toilet before throwing them away? Yup.

So, we’ve started trying g’s with cloth at home. I love them, haven’t had any MAJOR leak issues, they are really cute. The only downsides are initial cost and overall bulkiness. The cost isn’t such a big deal when you figure how long the covers last versus how many disposables you’d buy in that amount of time. The bulkiness is something I’m working on getting over. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to the point where I’m brave enough to do cloth inserts in public but who knows. My ultimate goal is to at least be completely in g’s (no regular disposables).

Okay, so you thought I was done with this subject, right? But I told you already I can now talk about poop and pee ad nauseum… for those of you unfamiliar bookCover with EC, it stands for “elimination communication” and is the idea that you can learn your child’s signals, take them to the bathroom, and help them go there. Diapering is basically training them to poop and pee on themselves. Potty training is so time-consuming and difficult later because you have to untrain them to do that. You can learn more about EC’ing at the Diaper Free Baby site.

Our first experience with EC and Keyven actually happened in the hospital. Tim was changing him and decided to try signaling with Keyven while sitting with him over the toilet. And he peed. In the toilet. I’m sure it was a huge coincidence (it doesn’t happen that easily) but it was fun and the nurses got a kick out of hearing about it. littlepotty Tim did it a few more times at home but never enough to establish a good routine.

Let me stop here and give props to the moms and dads who practice EC “full-time.” I think you rock. But EC for me is more about having good communication and catching the ones that I can instead of getting caught up in the hype of having a diaper-free baby. Every family is different and I have to be realistic about what will work with us.

We still have our little Baby Bjorn potty waiting patiently for us. I decided that when Keyven could sit up on his own, we’d start. The nice thing about EC is that you don’t have to do it full-time. You can do it at home or out, at night or only during the day, with caregivers or not. The key is communicating with your child about going to the bathroom. That’s something I’ve done with Keyven even in diapers. We make a very big deal out of having poops and I always smile and tell him he did a good job, even if I’m gagging inside. Because, as silly as it sounds, I want pooping to be a positive thing.

Well, today we “accidentally” started. When most babies start solids, they get constipated. Keyven is one of these lucky babies. This week has not been fun for him in the poop department, no matter how I try to ease the burden with prune and applesauce baby food. I was changing a wet diaper this afternoon and aedkick I noticed he was grunting and pushing like he was about to give me more than a wet one. So, I took him to the little potty and sat him down on it. We talked, I told him he was doing a good job, and soon the howling began as his face turned beet red and he pushed and pushed. Poor little guy. I will spare you the details but five minutes later, we had a toddler-sized mess in the bowl. There was lots of praise and smiles and giggles about it. I daresay he was pretty proud of himself. And now I have the renewed “inspiration” to start working on EC’ing.

So, in honor of our accomplishment and in anticipation of future stories, I have decided to create a new blog category: Poop, Pee, and EC. 🙂

Photos, Top to Bottom: My little gBaby in his gDiaper; cutest gModel ever; the EC bible; our Baby Bjorn little potty; generic baby-on-a-potty pic, as I was a little too occupied to get a shot today. 😉

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  1. 29 March 2008 13:32

    This is amazing!!!
    Keyven looks SOO CUTE IN his g’s! =)
    And I was cracking up at that generic baby pic. 😉

    I admit, the cloth is extra work.. especially when those Gs do such a good job of being flushed… did I ever get back to you on the cloth diaper washign stuff??. I better check my draft messages again.. (holding my head in shame..)
    ugh.. I suck.

    I wish you’d just come over for a play date.. that would be fun! =)

  2. 29 March 2008 15:23

    I won’t give you any grief over the e-mails. 🙂 I know how it goes! We’re making do for now without your expert knowledge.

    What I wouldn’t give for a playdate! Maybe someday… *le sigh*

  3. 29 March 2008 15:43

    no maybe about it!!

    definitely someday!! =)
    hey. is K wearing baby legs or did some one get handy and make those?? i love them!
    and what size g is that? old med? or old large??

    oh.. and did you know not to use vinegar on the liners? i just learned this… sheesh.. i should be composing that email!!

  4. 29 March 2008 20:37

    i WISH I could make those! I’ve heard of other mamas doing it but I am realistic about my time and sewing skills, so I buy them cheap when I can find them instead.

    That’s a new Medium… and I did not know that about the vinegar. Good to know. Waiting for a good sunny day ‘cuz I have a couple that need sunbleached already!

  5. Auntie Lynn permalink
    30 March 2008 00:03

    My gosh Keyven is getting SO BIG. I have never hear of EC just gdiapers. I didn’t realize they were extra work darnit. I miss seeing you guys so much. What do you hear from Tim? It is such an education to hear about the poop/peepee stuff. I’m all ears — and your all diapers. I think I got the better end of the deal. Take care Lori. The pictures are darling. How are the studies coming?

  6. 30 March 2008 09:37

    No, the g’s aren’t really more work… the cloth is. i LOVE our g’s, and I’m SO glad you got them for us. You have no idea how much that has helped. 🙂

    Well, we’re on Day 3 of pooping in the big-boy potty, so you may hear more about EC in the days to come. And maybe even see it firsthand when we visit!

  7. 13 April 2008 22:48

    keyven is SOOOO cute! yeah, we got a starter pack of the gdiapers for twilli too! they are so cute. but they are super bulky!

    we’ve been practicing p/t EC for a couple of months now, and usually I only miss SMALL pees. (twilli is very good about doing poops in the toilet… thank GOD!) so it doesn’t make sense to use those big gdiaper bulky things for a little spot o-pee.

    read my blog for more about our experiences w/EC (aka IPT infant potty training… for the uninitiated). btw, there are some GREAT cloth training diapers called ECAPANTS. they are like the cloth “AIO” all-in-one diapers except the sewn in soaker is very thin and not bulky. AND the ecapants have an elastic waistband that allows you to keep the pants/diaper ON and take baby to potty w/o totally removing the diaper! they are very cool!

  8. 21 June 2008 22:58

    Hey! that’s my generic baby! 🙂 Who is now within shouting distance of seven years old and is a great helper in EC’ing our third child…. (and not quite so chub-chub)

    And my EC bible(s) back in the day, and still awesome now, are:

    Diaper Free! by Ingrid Bauer

    and the original EC book by Laurie Boucke

    both have new editions out in the last year.

    happy pottying!


  9. 24 June 2008 19:32

    How adorable! Thanks for the use. 😉 We love that pic!

    I wish I could report that our EC’ing is progressing but I can barely keep the kid in gDiapers these days, much less EC. I’ll check out those links and hopefully we’ll have a consistent enough schedule soon to get back on track.

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