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Sittin’ Up Sunday

30 March 2008

sittinupsundaySince we’re at home today, gDiapers and BabyLegs are the uniform of the day.  I told Sarah I’d post a pic of Keyven in his argyle BLs, so we took a quick shot before playtime.  I actually got him sitting up!  He’s getting good at it but prefers to transition to belly-down, crawling practice mode.  The  other pic is from one morning sharing a ‘nana with Nana.  🙂  Same outfit, different day. 


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  1. szdcps82 permalink
    31 March 2008 17:48

    i love the babylegs. they made me want kids exponentially more, just so i could dress them up in argyle and striped leg warmers. is that wrong of me?

  2. 31 March 2008 20:12

    No, not at all. 😉 As long as it’s not your ONLY reason, you’re good.

    In the meantime, you can live vicariously through us. We have new gDiapers and BabyLegs on the way this week!

  3. 6 April 2008 06:52

    The BabyLegs are so frickin’ cute!! I have a sock fetish because my partner doesn’t buy me lingerie – instead he buys me Sock-Dreams stuff all the time. He got very excited about Baby Legs too!! It’s great to see an alternative to pastels for babies too.

  4. 6 April 2008 07:34

    Well, Tim’s not a HUGE fan of them but they are so darn cute and make diaper changes and EC a million times easier when we’re just chilling at home.

    And I totally agree with you on the non-pastel stuff! BabyLegs and Target are the only places I can find sock that aren’t white or pastel. *barf*

  5. Tim-Daddy permalink
    11 April 2008 05:40

    I rarely put my two cents in because blueberrymama does such a wonderful job, however, some insults simply can not go unavenged. I love BabyLegs, and I’m not ashamed to say it! It makes a man proud to see his wee lad in a right good pair of Argyles, and before the bairn can even don a proper pair of ghillies (shoes). Thanks to his mama’s sense of fashion he’s looking like a fine little fella’. Already got the gals giggling…at’a boy!

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