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Kaptain Kool’s Kavalcade of Kitties

8 July 2008

We had a bit of a fussy day today, so I thought a trip around the yard in the good ol’ Radio Flyer might do the boy some good. After more fussing during the ride, we spotted something that was too much of a distraction to allow for anymore whining: kitties.

Since their relatively unplanned arrival at Casa de VanDyne, these have become Keyven’s favorite new thing. Victoria found a little black one in the ditch by our driveway during a thunderstorm last week. And then, two days later we got a delivery of three more kittens from some friends who had a litter.

IMG_0360We had the one caught in a storm in the utility room drying off while the storm passed. As soon as he saw it when he woke up from his nap, Keyven was enthralled. We kept telling him it was a kitty and he would smile and gurgle about it. The next morning we were in the living room with Nana before the rest of the house woke up. Keyven pulled a book out of his toybox and it fell open to a picture of kitties and a little boy.

Keyven started getting excited, “Kuh… kuh…” I looked at my mom and our mouths dropped open in surprise. Did he just… ? “Kuh-tee.” Yup, he did.

“Did you say ‘kitty’, Keyv?” I asked. He banged on the book and continued making his breathy little “kuh” sounds. Finally, an exuberant “Ki-deeeeeeeee!” came out. Nana & I laughed and looked on, not quite sure of what we had just witnessed. After that, he wouldn’t do it again. I got another book with kitties in it and he made the same “kuh” noises when he saw them.

IMG_0361Since then, he hasn’t “said” it again. He loves dragging out that book and turning to the kitty page. He sometimes says, “Kuh, kuh.” And he gets excited and makes the funniest little noises upon seeing the kitties… that is, when he’s not so busy watching their every move.

Today’s ride was particularly exciting because we had a kitty parade. Me pulling the wagon, Keyven craning around to look for kitties, and three of the four furballs following us around everywhere. When we stopped, the little black one got brave… but not dumb. One of the grey kittens was not so smart. He hopped up in the wagon and was immediately snatched in a “loving” baby grab. IMG_0363 IMG_0364 The poor little thing didn’t sound too happy about being the object of Keyven’s affection, but he put up with it quite well until I rescued him from being loved a little too much. After witnessing this scene, the yellow kitty declined to visit the wagon. I don’t know why.

Photos, Top to Bottom: Kaptain Kool’s Chick Wagon; Heeeeeere kitty, kitty; K’s first victim of kitty love. No animals were harmed in the making of this blog.

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  1. Jes permalink
    9 July 2008 10:16

    That’s my boy! Although, that must come from your side, Lori. The Olsons are not kitty lovers. At least, my Olson isn’t 🙂

  2. 9 July 2008 11:25

    I love cats. They taste just like chicken!

    Kidding. I like other people’s cats. We aren’t a family of cat lovers either, per se. They have always been outdoor critters to us. And after having had indoor cats and having to empty a litter box, I maintain that belief going forward. (Although I have been tempted to adopt the little black one for our new place… then I think of Tim’s reaction and it becomes a fleeting thought.)

  3. .Bittersweet. (Aunt Night-Mere) permalink
    9 July 2008 15:38

    You should send your kitties to Raisin Boot Camp. Raisin had more than her share (times two, even!) of “loving” baby grabs back in the good old days of babydom. 😉

  4. Auntie Lynn permalink
    9 July 2008 20:27

    So Keven is talking. Wow. Such a genius to think that the real kitty is like the kitty in the book. That itself was a BIG connection. Then he say “kuh kuh” “kuh dee” — woohoo. The great nephew of a speech pathologist says his first! THAT’S AWESOME. So what’s to become of all these kittens in the future?

  5. szdcps82 permalink
    11 July 2008 18:11

    that is one genius baby. hardly surprised given his parents. love the shades!

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