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Breakfast of Champions

23 July 2008

We have started a morning ritual of waking up and going outside to say good morning to everything, including the kitties. We also feed them breakfast. This morning, I took Keyven outside to see the kitties while I worked on putting the front wheel on the jogging stroller for our maiden stroller voyage. Yes, the boy is over nine months old and this was his first ride in a stroller… it’s great for an exercise walk but I still prefer baby carriers for practical every day use. But I digress… while I was working, I thought things were a little too quiet. And here’s why:

This brings back soooo many fond memories of Marci and I feeding our brothers dog food under the guise of some delicious “concoctions” we made. And they turned out just fine. Right? Mmm… building a strong immune system never tasted so good.

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  1. .Bittersweet. (Aunt Night-Mere) permalink
    24 July 2008 08:02

    I can’t tell if my expression while watching this was more “yuuuuuuck” or “LOL”. Tee hee hee!

  2. 24 July 2008 10:00

    Bwahahahahaaaaaa… I love it.

    He was *really* mad this morning when I wouldn’t let him have a snack from the kitty bowl.

  3. Jes permalink
    24 July 2008 10:15

    Omygod..that is the most HILARIOUS thing I have ever seen. He’s just like he’s daddy and his uncle Jody-doesn’t matter where it’s been or what’s growing on it. If he’s hungry, he’s going for it!

  4. chickpea permalink
    24 July 2008 10:17

    i can’t believe you let your son eat cat food! well, at least he was sharing!

  5. Mandy Hantla permalink
    24 July 2008 10:36

    Lori…I love it! I’m with you – it brings back so many fond memories of the farm. We seriously need to get our 2 baldies together soon! I’m hoping you’ll be at Kelsey’s wedding so we can see you there! Keep the videos coming!

  6. Sarah permalink
    24 July 2008 13:44

    oh my god oh my god. i fell over laughing, especially when the kitty bounced off keyven’s head. that looks perfect, baby plus sunshine plus kitties plus birdies in the background. maybe minus the cat food eating, but hey, at least you know he’s not a picky eater!

  7. Auntie Lynn permalink
    25 July 2008 00:25

    I didn’t get a picture with this.

  8. Auntie Lynn permalink
    25 July 2008 00:31

    YES I DID … HILARIOUS!!! I can’t believe this kid is 9 mos. old. He is SO darling!!! Cat food.
    Well there’s an easy kid to please!!! rotfl … gr8
    movie Lori. TYSM.

  9. 25 July 2008 12:47

    that was sooo cute! adorable! I loved the part the kitty jumped on him! LOL

    but why let him eat cat food!

    He is adorable!

  10. 25 July 2008 20:56

    Why do I “let” him eat cat food… well, at the time it was pretty darn funny. And I recently realized that it’s never too early to start collecting embarrassing material to show future girlfriends. πŸ™‚

  11. 26 July 2008 15:24

    rofl!!! that’s great. yes, excellent blackmail fodder! he is TOO CUTE! twilli was smiling at the video and clapping along with him. πŸ˜‰ the kitties are darling too!

  12. 1 August 2008 20:54

    this just cracks me up. now I’m wondering if the differences in our kids’ diets account for the lack of hair on k’s head??

    please keep the videos coming!

  13. 6 September 2008 15:31

    we had to watch this again.

    i was thinking of it last night when i just got some funny video of twilli further discovering her self in the mirror… she started hitting her head (not HARD… i swear!) on the mirrow.

    i felt TERRIBLE for laughing… but it was just so RANDOM! :blush:

    i’ll prob have to post it on

  14. 10 September 2008 14:42

    this is not in response to your blog, unfortunately, just wondering about aetna covering your homebirth and how you did it and whether your midwife was a cpm or cnm or a lay midwife. can you email me at Enjoying your posts though! your thought processes are right in keeping with mine!

  15. 5 June 2009 21:43

    this video never ceases to crack me up…. And Henri will watch it over & over again!

    We love this video!


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