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A Walk in the Park

11 October 2008

The weather here was gorgeous today.  I decided after Keyven’s morning nap — which these days is more like a mid-day nap — hooray for sleeping in until 9 a.m. on a regular basis! — that we would go to the park.  It was bright and sunny with a light breeze.  Keyven agreed to sport his sunglasses, which are absolutely adorable on him.  He likes to take them off, hand them to me, and insist that I put them back on him.  For him to take off, and hand to me, and… you get the idea.  Until we’re in the sun.  And then he totally digs having them on. 

IMG_0279 First, we walked around and watched some “big kids” playing on the merry-go-round, the see-saws, and the jungle gym.  We tried to take a ride in the kiddie swings, but K was not having any of that today.  So, we hopped in the regular swings together.  He was facing me, with his legs hooked around my waist.  At first, he fussed.  And then those fusses turned in to giggles.  I stopped at the top and said, “Again?”  An enthusiastic, “Yes!” (Yup, he says that now.) We swing down and back and he laughs that amazing little laugh that makes my world stand still.  After the slide in front of us clears up, I decide it’s time for a new adventure.  Climbing the ladder with a baby in one arm is a little tricky.  When we got to the top, Keyven exhibited excellent survival instinct, by clutching me and starting to freak out about the height.  I held him in my lap.  Down we slid.  By the time we hit the bottom, we were all smiles.  I didn’t even have to ask.  “Yeah!” 

First SwingAfter another time down the slide, we relinquished our spot to the next gaggle of kids and headed to a new section.  There, we found a curly-q slide.  About halfway up the (much taller) ladder, I realized there was a broken stair… and that the slide was swaying in the wind.  Note to self: don’t do this one again.  I put on a brave face for the kiddo and pushed on.  At the top, we looked around at the trees, the birds, the sky.  Then I braced one foot against the outside edge of the slide and we curly-q’ed our way down. 

Back to the swings again.  This one was better because it was tall enough for me to actually push off from.  The giggles ensued again.  And again.  Every time I stopped and said, “More?” he exclaimed a little, “Yeah!” almost out of breath from excitement.  I would say, “One, two, three, wheee!” and he squealed with glee as we flew down and back.  After about ten minutes of this, he laid his head on my chest and sighed in contentment while we watched the world float by. 

kitt-ays (4) I decided it was prime time to head home and get him down for Nap #2.  Across the way, near the picnic tables, I saw a man sitting there with a small dog on a leash.  Knowing how much he loves dogs these days, I pointed it out to Keyven.  “Doggy!” I said.  He looked around, sort of confused.  We got closer.  “See?” I said, pointing again, “Doggy!” Still no reaction.  Finally, Keyven laid eyes on the moving, furry little creature to which I was referring.  “Kitty!” he squealed, while pointing at the dog.  I laughed all the way to the car.  I couldn’t have summed up my feelings about little yappy dogs any better myself. 

Pictures, which are unfortunately not from today as I have not yet mastered the ability to take photos while holding a baby and swinging – from Top to Bottom: Sun baby — at the ski show on Lake Panorama, Iowa, in August; The first time in a swing… a couple of months ago at a park in Pittsburg; Checking each other out — a boy and his kitties.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Iris permalink
    12 October 2008 12:40

    Sighh. Sounds like a wonderful day! Life in the moments. Makes me happy to picture you and Keyven…

  2. Marge permalink
    12 October 2008 16:13

    From the mouth of babes: he knows dogs are big and manly and Tyson-ish! Love it! 🙂 Grandma

  3. Lynn permalink
    12 October 2008 17:00

    It was a beautiful day here, too. Keyven is such a doll. Glad you two could have fun at the park. I followed the link below your write up to Altzheimer’s. it was so beautifully written and so very sad. So is Tim stateside yet? Love yas.

  4. Grandpa Bob permalink
    13 October 2008 20:37

    You’re such a great Mom!

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