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Happy Halloween!

31 October 2008

I am a bad mommy.

I did not dress Keyven up this year.  No cutesie costume, no candy, no pics.  Sorry.  I’m boycotting all further holidays and their associated celebrations until Tim comes home.  We will have a fabulous Halloween next year, complete with costumes and tricking and treating and even marching in the Neewollah kiddie parade!  Plus it’s Nana’s birthday, so we spent the evening having dinner, presents and dessert.  And watching Victoria hand out candy to kids at her house.  I think they were supposed to be dressed up, but really they just looked like goth/emo little pre-teen punks with trash bags.

sweetAlas, even with my anti-holiday mood, it would not be Halloween without someone’s kid in an adorable outfit.  So, I submit to you the debut of Mr. Sebastian Nathaniel G. to the Blueberry blog.  He joined us, by way of a home waterbirth with his mommy Amanda & daddy Ben, back on May 22 of this year.  I kept meaning to introduce him.  It was just one of “those” summers.  But I think you will agree that this picture was worth waiting for…

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  1. Marge permalink
    1 November 2008 06:34

    Good for you-earlier candy=later overweight, and why hide such a cutie with a costume? But here’s a thought: since all celebrations will be when Daddy’s here-costume him, as a pilgrim, and set him under the Xmas tree! (With a birthday present! Grandma

  2. 3 November 2008 18:40

    Hi Lori,

    I just saw your comment on the pudding cookies and wanted to say thanks for letting me know they turned out. I’m having a terrible day so it was nice to read something positive :).

  3. Kyori permalink
    6 December 2008 14:29

    Hey Lori,
    Just though I’d drop a line. It’s been a year… Keyven and you look PERFECT!!! Amazing how fast time flies…
    How is Daddy? If I remember correctly, he is coming back this month, isn’t he? Hope everything is well with you all. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!!

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