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My Funny Valentine

14 February 2009

Maybe I’m a little biased, but I’m pretty sure I have one of the most adorable kids in the world.  Even if you count the recent run of public on-the-floor screaming fits.  He is so sweet.  He loves to give kisses & hugs to everyone, even the dog.  He can’t hear a single note of music without dancing in his diaper.  And, although the “no” phase has already started at our house, it is counterbalanced by the fact that he also started mixing in “sure” with his “yes” answers.  02-14-09_1758

Valentine’s days are pretty anti-climactic around here.  And today was no exception.  Not that I’m complaining.  I’ve never been a fan of the commercialized “I’m telling you I love you because I’m supposed to” schlock.  So today was a lot of Keyven and mommy time while we gave Tim-daddy a big study-catch-up break.  During our trip to the grocery store, he grabbed my sunglasses while I put him in the car seat.  When I peeked in the mirror on our way there, I caught this grinning little cutie looking back at me from behind his movie-star shades.  I think he’s the best valentine a girl can have.

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  1. marge permalink
    15 February 2009 06:53

    Of course he’s one of the most adorable babys in the world, and the best valentine! You’re only stating the facts. However, you may be a little off by putting “one of ” in the above sentence. That picture looks like he’s either going to Hollywood or ready to jump out of a plane (now who does that remind you of?) Such an adorable one is sure to have fans, so watch out, you’ll be drawing in admirers from as far as the east coast!

  2. 27 February 2009 09:25

    My Vday is always anti-climactic, too. And its weird, because I never expect anything since I think its kind of a dumb holiday – but for some reason I usually wind up disappointed.

    Keyven is too adorable. You’re going to have your hands full when that boy gets older!

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