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Our 1st Family 4th of July

17 July 2009

 IMG_2358File this under the “better late than never” category. πŸ™‚

Although the week itself was stressful on mommy & daddy, thanks to lots of neighborhood fireworks enthusiasts (we forgot how nice it is to live somewhere that has in-city fireworks bans), the holiday in relation to Keyven wonderful.  Perhaps the reason it has taken me almost two weeks to post a blog about our weekend is because I needed some time to realize how much looking at things from a child’s perspective can make you appreciate things in a new light.  Maybe the funny-looking glasses help with the view. [Photo: He made those sunglasses at school, and wore them non-stop that week… still does when we’re not hiding them. ]

The day of the holiday, we were supposed to do some fun Pittsburg-planned activities, like the parade, and a model plane show, but we got off to a bad morning start and the rain all day didn’t help things get any better. IMG_2360IMG_2362Things started to turn around when we had Nana, Pops, Uncle Matt, and Aunt Angie over for dinner.  Keyven loves black olives.  So when someone (no one would take the blame… I mean, credit for it) showed him how to work multiple olives without that pesky rolling problem, he was ALL for it.   [Photo: I don’t know that it was Tim who taught K this, but the suspiciously similar action in the background of the second pic is a little incriminating.]

I think this was actually the first time we had played “host” in our new house in any sort of social setting.  It was definitely the first time we had done dinner at our house.  Quite a feat, considering our dining room is two bar stool chairs and a high chair.  No one seemed to mind an excuse to eat on the couch, though. 

After a yummy dinner, we hung out at our house for a while with Nana & Pops.  Tim had been trying to call Auntie Lynn to wish her a happy birthday.  While he was at it, he tried calling his parents.  Now, to preface this story, Keyven loves to talk on the phone… real or imaginary, it matters naught.  He usually paces around the house (or at school), yakking away.  A habit he picked up straight from Tim, who always paces when he’s on the phone, no matter how short or long the call is.  K decided he wanted in on the phone action, and grabbed it from Tim mid-ring.  We caught it on video, but we never figured out to whom he was talking.  Until Grandpa left a comment the other day on here about listening every few days to a message from K that they have saved!  Now we know what was going on (sort of) at the other end of the line…

To catch the best view of the city fireworks show, we went to Matt & Angie’s, where they had homemade ice cream with all the fixin’s waiting for us.  I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about how Keyven would do with the show.  Yeah, they’re in the sky, but we were about three blocks from where they were being launched. 

The first big bang caught him a little off guard and sent him running to hide his face in my legs.  But when we really played up the “oohs” and “ahhs” he just had to take a look.  He loved seeing all the colors and sparkles and lights.  If more than a couple of seconds transpired when the last one disappeared, he said and signed, “More!” It was a beautiful show, especially for a small Kansas town in the middle of nowhere, and the ending was fantastic.  It helped that there was not a single tear or fuss the whole time from the peanut gallery.  He even learned to say “firecracker.”  Very cute.

A couple of days later, when we were home and he was having a snack in his chair, Keyven heard a banging noise outside.  “Uh oh!” he said. 

Me: “What’s ‘uh oh’?”

K: “Firecracker?” (Keyven had heard so many from our neighbors that apparently he thought this might be an encore.)

Me: “I don’t think that’s a firecracker, but it’s loud, isn’t it?” (I think they were doing some construction nearby.)

K: “Yeah!  It’s loud. [pause] Firecracker in sky?”

Me: “Yes, we did see firecrackers are in the sky.  But we don’t get to see anymore until next year.”

K: [staring out the window with a thoughtful look on his face] “Firecracker alllllllll gone. No more in sky!”

Even after a not-so-stellar week/weekend, an adorable conversation like that makes me want it to be 4th of July all over again! He’s figuring things out, that’s for sure. And helping his parents find a new way to look at things at the same time. 

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  1. Auntie Lynn permalink
    18 July 2009 02:15

    Those pictures with the black olives on the fingers and the video movie of the phone call really made my day. That is some kid you have!!! Awesome.

    Auntie Lynn

    • 19 July 2009 09:58

      He is pretty awesome. πŸ™‚ We’re happy to be able to share some of his antics with everyone.

  2. Amanda permalink
    19 July 2009 15:04

    You know, the I-Cubs have fireworks at the end of all of their Friday night games. A great excuse to come visit!

  3. .Bittersweet. (Aunt Night-Mere) permalink
    20 July 2009 09:10

    Jimmy used to throw-up when we’d pack up the family, get to the show early for a good spot, and fend off the hoards. So worth it! :-p

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