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Goodbye, Little Friends

29 August 2009

After much excuse-making and rationalizing reasons to wait, this week it is time to bid adieu to our little plastic friends: Keyven’s pacifiers.  They have been a part of his life since he was just three weeks old.  I put off giving one to him as long as possible, but on a cross-country highway move, they become a bit of a necessity if you want to make progress in increments of more than 50 miles.  At least with this kiddo.  I’ve heard plenty of people say that their baby just wasn’t interested in a pacifier (most of them quite proudly).  And I’ve heard plenty of people bemoan the fact that instead of a pacifier, their kid took to fingers or thumb-sucking like a champ.  Every kid is different, and mine wanted a paci. 

Now it’s time to quit.  I will not be parent to raising a kid with a three-plus year old paci habit.  If parenthood has taught me anything, it’s that you shouldn’t judge someone else’s way of raising their child until you’ve walked in their shoes, but I still don’t get 4-year-olds in shopping carts sucking on a pacifier like a cow chewing cud.  We’ve been cut back to only using one at naps and bedtime, but I think we’re ready to go the whole way. 

I did some reading on quitting tactics.  There are a few options out there — some advocate a slower method that involves pacifier mutilation over the course of a week.  Apparently, it reduces the comfort/pleasure factor of sucking by making holes (and eventually cutting the tips off of) the pacifier nipples.  I decided to go a more direct route; one could pretty much say cold turkey with a little warning.  Kind of like telling yourself you’re going to start a diet on Monday so you can binge all weekend.

Thursday, I started telling Keyven that we were going to say bye-bye to his pacis in three days.  He seemed a bit concerned about this plan, but gamely said, “Okay!”

On Friday, I realized that I suck at planning.  We couldn’t say goodbye to pacis on Sunday because part of my master plan was to make a big deal out of going to the post office to mail them away.  So I changed the story to tomorrow.  He’s brilliant and all, but I don’t think he’ll catch the missing day.  Again, some mild concern on his part, but overall he seemed pretty pleased with the idea that we were going to send his pacifiers to some unknown little baby that needed them more than he does.

Saturday morning rolled around & while he ate breakfast, I scoured the house for every last one of those little colored bits of comfort.  I made a Ziploc baggie, decorated with stickers and stars that said, “Keyven’s Paci Collection.”  After he ate, I told him that we were going to go find them all and put them in his bag.  Somehow we only came up with three… which is odd, because at one time in the not-so-distant past, we had at least 10. 

Next stop: the post office.  Keyven loves the post office, even standing in line for extended periods of time, waiting to pay at the counter.  Since there’s no Automated Postal Center and no one seems to be in a hurry here, that’s a good thing.  Today, though, we were the only person in line behind the lady at the counter.  While we waited, he picked out a bright yellow patterned envelope to put his bag of treasures in, and we addressed the envelope (to Nana & Pops… but thankfully K can’t read yet).  He put the bag of pacis in it, and we went to the counter. 

I told the lady there that we were sending Keyven’s pacifiers to a little baby who needed them, because he was a big boy and didn’t need them anymore.  She remarked on what a great thing that was to do, and Keyven beamed with pride while he handed her his envelope.  After she marked it with postage, she gave him a sticker to wear for doing such a good job.  Then we took the envelope to the lobby and put it in the drop box, saying bye-bye for good.  He seemed elated.  I was a little more skeptical. 

starbucksflirtWe headed to Starbucks next, for my “paci” fix, as Jenni pointed out.  (:-P)  Keyven got to have a shortbread cookie snack, and spent some time flirting with the ladies.   Then we went to Wal-Mart, where Keyven got to pick out a toy in exchange for having given up his pacis.  I wanted him to get a keyboard, but he settled on a wagon, pre-loaded with blocks (because, ya know, what we need at our house is more blocks).  When I asked if he wanted something else, he said, “Nope!” and proceeded to push the wagon to the checkouts. 

After a stop at Farmer’s Market for salsa fixin’s and a visit to Napoli’s for stromboli (and to see Aunt Victoria aka “Tia”), Keyven announced it was time to go home.  For the dreaded (by me) first nap. 

We did our usual routine.  He asked once for a paci, and when I reminded him that they were headed the way of the Paci Fairy, who would give them to a little baby who needed them, he seemed okay with it.  Until it was time to get in the crib.  Let the crying commence.  For 45 minutes and one interruption by me to attempt (unsuccessfully) to console him.  I left it to exhaustion and a team effort by Elmo & Teddy to get him to fall asleep.  I’ll even admit, I had to go outside on the front step to read a book so I couldn’t hear him crying. 

He woke up twice and fussed for about five minutes each time, but fell back asleep on his own.  And, finally, I got him up when he was fussing again just before 5 p.m.  Still managed a decent nap!  My fingers are crossed for tonight…

And, in case you’re wondering how he got so lucky to be away while this happens, Tim gets to do the transition to the big-boy bed. 🙂

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  1. 29 August 2009 21:32

    Bedtime Update… *knock on wood*

    Took a bath, read a book, snuggled on the couch waiting to watch a train go by (where his eyelids were fluttering shut while he nuzzled up against me), then went through our bedtime routine — including five rounds of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and ABCs.

    When I went to put him in the crib, he asked “paci?”

    I said, “We said bye-bye to your pacis, remember?”

    “I did. Okay.”

    I told him, “Now you have Elmo & Teddy to help you go to sleep” while I laid him in his crib.

    “Blankie?” he asked (as usual).

    “Yup, blankie.” And I covered him up, patted him on the back for our last little song and told him good night while I left the room.

    He fussed for about three seconds. Then again for maybe 30 seconds ten minutes later when I was on the phone with Tim. Right now (about an hour later), it’s quiet except for some jibber-jabbering, but he used to do that when he had a paci, too.

    So here’s to hoping for a peaceful night’s sleep!

  2. 30 August 2009 22:35

    at first I thought you were saying good bye friends– as in so long to this blog- my inside voice screamed a rather dramatic, “Nooooooo!!!”

    much relief was felt when I read further! Love the idea of the paci fairy- 🙂

    our follow up was so sweet! I hope you get a good night of peaceful sleep –

    And I absolutely adore the big grinning keyven banner at the top of the page!!!

  3. 13 September 2009 00:09

    LOL @ Jenni… although I have neglected the heck out of this poor blog, and frequently wondered about discontinuing it, it’s just too much fun to stop. In fact, I’m working on changing things up a bit and updating some of the miscellaneous info & links to go along with my renewed effort at keeping the entries up to date.

    I always enjoy your sweet comments & love. 🙂

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